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It’s Not Too Late To Get A Great Father’s Day Gift


Dads. They put up with a lot, don’t they? Mostly though, they put up with boring gifts of the socks/mugs/cufflinks variety. They’ve had their oh-you-shouldn’t-have face perfected since Christmas. They don’t need another keyring saying, ‘World’s Best Taxi Driver’. What they’d actually like is a decent bottle of Scotch. Or some aftershave that wasn’t picked up as an afterthought.

So without further ado, here are the best Father’s Day gifts you can buy at airports around the world. See – even travelling isn’t an excuse to forget his special day.

It’s 18 June, by the way.

Loch Lomond Signature

Loch Lomond recently launched a travel shopping range exclusive to duty free shops. Priced from £25 to £75, the collection includes: Loch Lomond Single Grain, Loch Lomond Signature, Loch Lomond 12-year-old Single malt, and Loch Lomond Inchmurrin Madeira Cask Single malt. The Loch Lomond Signature is a blended whisky, which is matured via the distiller’s 100 cask solera process. It’s woody in character, but with some notes of smoke, honey, and leather too.

And as the whiskies aren’t currently sold outside of airports, chances are your dad won’t know how much you spent…

Available at Glasgow Airport, London Heathrow Airport, Southampton Airport, and Edinburgh Airport

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Mâle Superman Eau Fraîche EDT

This travel exclusive fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier is as kitsch as you would expect from the tongue-in-cheek designer. Bursting with freshness, this is a summer scent if ever there was one. Expect a hit of mint and Neroli, followed by notes of sage, Tonka bean, sandalwood, and vanilla. Best of all, the eye-catching packaging makes this the perfect gift for fans of DC Comics – or, indeed, any dad who needs reminding that he’s a superhero.

Available at World Duty Free 

Montblanc Meisterstück Red Gold Classique Ballpoint Pen

Does anyone need a Montblanc Meisterstück? Chances are, no. After all, unless your dad is in the habit of signing executive orders on a regular basis, his regular biro will probably serve him just fine. But – and this is an important but – don’t think of this as merely a pen. Think of this as an investment into the future; an heirloom in the making; your own child’s birthright. You’re not buying an executive toy – you’re starting a family tradition.

Available through inflight retail

Anthon Berg ‘The Liqueur Tin Bottle’

This one is an easy win: chocolate + booze = Happy Father’s Day! But this isn’t your average box of chocs. Anthon Berg is actually the original inventor of liquor-filled chocolate bottles, and this year the chocolatier has launched a limited edition collection aptly named ‘The Liqueur Tin Bottle’. Filled with original spirits from brands including Mount Gay, Drambuie and Rémy Martin, these dark chocolate bottles are a treat to be savoured. And once every last miniature bottle has been polished off, the moulded matt tin makes a handy place to store keepsakes…or, you know, more chocolate liqueurs.

Available at Hamad International Airport, Dubai International Airport, Beirut–Rafic Hariri International Airport, Copenhagen Airport, Frankfurt Airport, Bergen Airport, Stavanger Airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and more to follow

Philips Picopix Explorer Projector

In the good ol’ days, your dad loved regaling friends and family with photos from his Kodak carousel projector. Then, Kodak discontinued them all and dashed a million hearts in the process. Well, consider this the Next Best Thing. Equipped with HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and micro-SD slot, it’s the projector for those impromptu moments when he really, really wants to show you a video on YouTube.

Available through inflight retail Buttons Bluetooth Earphones

It doesn’t take a music geek to appreciate these sleek earphones designed by none other than rapper/TV star/philanthropist Inspired by the shape of vinyl records and made from machined metal, these wireless Bluetooth earphones come with over 6 hours of battery life and 120 hours of standby. And while good taste in earphones does not necessarily reflect good taste in music, at least no one will be able to hear his Spandau Ballet playlist leaking out now.

Available at Dixons Travel airport stores

Nuband Activ+ Wireless Fitness Bracelet

If you’re looking to get an activity tracker, but know that your dad has the tendency to lose things/drop them in the sea, then the cheap and cheerful Nuband Activ+ is a great alternative to big names like Fitbit or Jawbone. It does all the same things such as working out the amount of calories burned, sleep patterns, and it even has intelligent sensors that let you know when you’ve been static for too long. But only you know if your dad would misconstrue this as a sly dig about his weight…

Available through inflight retail

Knomad Air Premium Leather Portable Organiser

For fathers who are frequent flyers, this nifty – yet stylish – leather organiser means that he can finally channel George Clooney in Up in the Air. He’ll breeze through security, his every movement economical and assured. Gone are the days of tangled headphones and crumpled boarding passes. His passport will remain as pristine as the day it was issued. He will become the guy with not one, but two spare USB cables. Fans of this case may also enjoy the seminal blog that is: Things Organized Neatly.

Available at London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport, Hong Kong International Airport, Rome Leonardo da Vinci International Airport and Adelaide Airport 

Clogau Stainless Steel and Rose Steel Sports Watch

In 1989, a Welshman named William Roberts made a surprising discovery in the mountains of Snowdonia. He had found an abandoned gold mine (no details about whether a dragon was guarding it or not). Using this rare Welsh gold, Mr Roberts went on to start a jewellery brand named Clogau. Today, the company is a second-generation family business still based in Wales and makes eye-catching pieces like this sports watch.

Available through inflight retail and at Manchester Airport

American Tourister 4-wheel medium expandable spinner Soundbox case

Now, getting your dad a suitcase for Father’s Day – an item that screams practicality, but remains tight-lipped on sentiment – may not be your immediate choice. But hear us out. Chances are, your dad has given very little thought to his current beaten-up travel case. It might even (whisper it) only have two wheels. Until he has swished along an airport floor, gliding and guiding his 4-wheel spinner suitcase with only two fingers, has he truly experienced the wonders of modern travel? And if you insist on popping a plane ticket inside the luggage, as the ultimate Father’s Day surprise, we promise we won’t tell.

Available at Rolling Luggage stores including London Heathrow Airport, London Gatwick Airport and London Luton Airport 

Tess Harold
written by: Tess Harold
Born in Hong Kong, Tess currently lives in London where she is Editor at PretAirporter. Over the course of her career, she has worked for the likes of Stylist, The Telegraph, Prestige Hong Kong, Asia Spa and Harper’s Bazaar UK.