In collaboration: the creative teamwork behind Bottega Veneta’s new fragrances


Since his appointment in 2001 as Creative Director of luxury Italian fashion and accessories house Bottega Veneta, Tomas Maier has nurtured The Art of Collaboration.

Bottega Veneta Creative Director Tomas Maier is a firm believer in the benefits of creative collaboration

His latest venture brings together three perfumers, each of whom has created a new floral Parco Palladiano fragrance. Bottega Veneta Parco Palladiano is a luxury collection of unisex fragrances inspired by the Palladian gardens of the Veneto region of Italy. The three new editions, representing springtime in the garden, join the original range of six fragrances launched last year.

The idea behind the collection came from sixteenth-century Renaissance architect Andrea Palladio, another major source of inspiration for Tomas Maier. Palladio designed the Palladian gardens of the Veneto, the Republic of Venice. The same region that is also the birthplace of the Bottega Veneta brand: Founded there in 1966, its famous leather workshops are housed in a restored villa outside Vicenza, a city famous for its Palladian buildings.

The classical architecture and natural beauty of the area together with Bottega Veneta’s heritage gave Tomas Maier the starting point for the Parco Palladiano collection: “Palladio is a source of endless inspiration for me in many ways. He was an artisan as well as an architect who sought balance and harmony in everything. It was clear to me from the beginning that this was going to be more than about just one fragrance.

The signature Bottega Veneta intrecciato woven design covers the flacon, cap and packaging of the new Parco Palladiano fragrances

“The experience of being in a Palladian garden changes with each hour, and each season. It is not just the flowers, it’s also the trees, the spices, the freshness of the morning, when the garden magnolia is still covered with the dew sparkling in the sun, or the fullness of sunset, when the sensual notes of roses fill the air with their notes.”

Each of the Parco Palladiano fragrances is numbered by a Roman numeral in another nod to classical Italian heritage.

To bring the three new fragrances to life, Tomas Maier called upon the talents of three perfumers: Michel Almairac; Mylène Alran; Sidonie Lancesseur. Tomas Maier commented: “I am very proud of these collaborations. With the Parco Palladiano collection, we have created fragrances that extend and tell a new story about the Bottega Veneta world.”

Parco Palladiano VII: Perfumer Michel Almairac

As the creator of the debut signature women’s fragrance Bottega Veneta, the relationship between Michel Almairac and Bottega Veneta goes back a long way. The relationship has also produced Eau Legère, Essence Aromatique, Parco Palladiano I and Parco Palladiano VI.

Parco Palladiano VII is Michel Almairac’s latest creation for Bottega Veneta. An intense and luminous musky floral, the fragrance tries to capture dawn in a garden of lilacs, with a gentle breeze merging the fresh and powdery scent of the flowers with a trace of saltiness from the water of the Venice laguna. The pale lavender juice of VII mimics the petals of the lilac flower.

Michel Almairac commented: “The idea is to recreate an olfactive impression when we walk through this garden with its incredible richness. I decided to pause in front of the lilac and recreate the flower in its surroundings.”

Parco Palladiano VIII: Perfumer Mylène Alran

Having previously created Parco Palladiano VI, Perfumer Mylène Alran returned to work with Tomas Maier on the new Parco Palladiano VIII.

This fragrance attempts to bottle the aromas of an afternoon stroll through an orange orchard with the sun at its height, the air heavy with sweet, honeyed neroli and the woodiness of bark. Its golden juice conjures up the petals, peel and bark of the orange tree combined with the warmth of the sun.

As Mylène Alran noted: “To reflect the luminous and flowering orange orchard, I used all the ingredients and facets of the plant. The green and woody petitgrain, the delicate floral neroli, the rich and honeydew fleur d’oranger.”

Parco Palladiano IX: Perfumer Sidonie Lancesseur

This is the first fragrance by Sidonie Lancesseur for Bottega Veneta.

A new perfumer to bring a new perspective to the Parco Palladiano range: Sidonie Lancesseur was inspired by the cool air of early evening, as darkness begins to fall and the muskiness of the violet flower is released, to create IX. The floral woody notes are captured in a plum-coloured juice.

Sidonie Lancesseur explained: “I wanted to create a contrast between the delicate and elegant violet and the prestigious enveloping woods that surround it.”

As Tomas Maier summed up: “Collaboration sets a creative dialectic which is intrinsic in everything we do at Bottega Veneta and brings a natural evolution of things: with fragrances it creates the stories that we tell through scents. We started out with women’s fragrances, then we moved to men’s. Now we have Parco Palladiano, and with them all we create a world, one that will always resonate together.”

The three new fragrances in the Parco Palladiano Collection will be available to travel shoppers from this month, priced at €265.

Clare Austin
written by: Clare Austin
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