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CH Privée: Carolina Herrera turns up the privacy (and intimacy) levels


In an era where it is deemed normal to overshare details of our private lives on social media, Carolina Herrera invites us to preserve some privacy with its new CH Privée fragrance.

CH Privée is available in European airports this month before rolling out to travel shopping locations in The Americas, Asia Pacific and the Middle East in March.

Created by Carolina Herrera Creative Director Carolina Herrera de Baez and Master Perfumer Dominique Ropion, the scent is a “celebration of the enigma of femininity and love as the most unpredictable of forces”.

CH Privée has a deep bond with fashion and merges traditional ingredients with the most modern fragrance development techniques. Carolina Herrera’s signature elements are taken to a new level in this enigmatic fragrance which is inspired by the brand’s most sensuous side.

The fragrance is a combination of rare notes: Osmanthus absolute wrapped in vanilla caviar and touches of forest-floor patchouli intrinsically linked to a red leather accord. The result? A tailor-made “powerfully feminine” creation.

The faces of CH Privée’s ad campaign are models Lily Aldridge and Justice Joslin.


Read below for a short Q&A with Carolina Herrera Creative Director Carolina Herrera de Baez:

Can you talk to us about CH Privée in general, the private moments that inspire the fragrance and why are they significant?

CH Privée, the newest fragrance by House of Herrera, is a perfume inspired by a woman’s private moments. These moments empower us, when we are still and thoughtful and also when we have the luxury of being alone with our beloved.

What was the most important thing for you when creating this fragrance?

Every time we create a fragrance at House of Herrera, we start from the classic. Our perfumes are made with exquisite traditional ingredients, the ones that have been used in perfumery for centuries. We give them a modern twist, and I think there lays the success of our approach.

Did this influence your choice of leather as a conductive thread in CH Privée?

We’d used leather before, but it is the first time we’ve used leather in a women’s fragrance. Leather is usually associated with strength, with power, and from my perspective, this is real femininity; strength and power.

Can you talk about how wearing a fragrance like CH Privée could be provocative?

As with any other fragrance, the way a woman decides to wear CH Privée will share many things about herself. Some women wear much perfume while others may just spray a light touch to keep their scent intimate, so that their partner is the only one to perceive it. With this fragrance, the latter might be the optimal approach, but I always say a perfume is a personal accessory, and every woman should determine how she wears it.

Do you think there is something new to privacy in our day in age? Do you think that privacy has a different facet to it?

I’ve always thought that it’s critical to have a little mystery, and now when we’re flooded by oversharing, and people’s lives are so exposed; it’s the perfect time for CH Privée. Nowadays maintaining some personal privacy is crucial; after all, there is nothing more sensual and feminine than a drop of mystery.


Helen Pawson
written by: Helen Pawson
Helen is Brands Editor at The Moodie Davitt Report. When she isn’t on a plane to attend the latest travel-related launches, she can be found (nervously) watching Leicester City FC or in search of the sun.