Creating polo shirts since 1933: Lacoste shows its “timeless elegance” in two videos


Tennis, crocodiles and polo shirts: Three things that spring to mind when you think of fashion brand Lacoste, particularly the latter. Rewind to 1933, Lacoste’s “defining moment”, when tennis ace and businessman René Lacoste (and his annoyance with playing in long sleeves) created the brand’s – and one of the fashion industry’s – first polo shirts.

Since then the polo shirt has been synonymous with Lacoste, and the brand has released two videos to highlight the “timeless elegance” of the Lacoste polo shirt throughout the years.

The first video introduces Lacoste’s latest style ambassador Novak Djokovic, and imagines a changeover between René Lacoste and himself. In this video, we see the creation of the Lacoste L.12.12 polo shirt, which (as mentioned) was born from René Lacoste’s decision to break away from contemporary tennis dress codes by cutting off the sleeves of his shirt to allow himself greater freedom of movement – sounds logical, right?

Now for the second video, Timeless. Starting in the 1930s, Timeless is about more than just the changing fashion styles from that era until now. The film follows the journey of a man, who experiences love at first sight on a train, setting off on the trail of a mysterious woman. When he reaches the first carriage, he finds himself in the 1940s and, determined to find the woman, he begins a quest that takes him through the carriages and eras, until he arrives in the present. Although we see a change in styles, from the glamour of the ‘30s and ‘40s to ‘60s mini skirts, the polo shirt retains its “timeless elegance”.

Two great cinematic tributes to an iconic sports fashion brand.




Helen Pawson
written by: Helen Pawson
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