Did You See How Much This Collection Of Whiskies Sold For?


How much would you normally spend on a bottle of (admittedly very fine) whisky? Maybe US$100, US$200, or push the boat out for a US$1,000 vintage bottle?

Well, a new world record was set by specialist wine retailer Le Clos when they sold a 29-bottle collection for a staggering USD$530,000.

The Macallan whiskies sold by Le Clos at Dubai International Airport included Fine and Rare expressions from 1937-1990. The Macallan Distillery, founded in Scotland since 1824, consistently produces some of the most sought-after whisky for collectors.

The December 2016 sale of The Macallan Fine and Rare Collection, with vintages dating back to 1937, set the previous sales record of US$500,000

And if you needed any further proof of The Macallan’s revered status, you need only look at Le Clos’s track record. The retailer has broken sales records three times in just 18 months – all with The Macallan.

Whisky fans will be delighted to learn that Le Clos and The Macallan will continue to develop their partnership with a new shop-in-shop at their flagship Concourse A store in Dubai International.

Take a look next time you’re travelling through Dubai International. Chances are you’ll find something fine, something rare, and something sublime.


Zoë Pincombe
written by: Zoë Pincombe
Just out of university, Zoë comes from South West England. Enthusiastic about all things food and wine related, she enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures.