A Taste of the Tropics: Mahiki Coconut Rum

Mahiki Rum0021

Imagine lazing on a beach in the Caribbean; a palm-scented breeze blows gently as azure waves lap the golden sandy shore. The sun is shining and there’s a chilled drink in your hand.

While this may not be a reality for many of us this summer, a sip of the latest travel exclusive tipple from Mahiki might transport you to your own tropical paradise.

Made from a blend of Jamaican and Polynesian rum, Mahiki has been flavoured with coconuts from Western Samoa. Mahiki Coconut Rum is currently only available from World Duty Free at London Stansted Airport in 70cl bottles and costs £25. It has an ABV of 21%, in keeping with the light, breezy flavours.

Summer in a bottle: a blend of Jamaican and Polynesian rum, flavoured with West Samoan coconuts

Its light appearance, akin to sugar cane juice, looks deceptively plain. But aromas of toasted coconut and palm leaves waft from the glass, followed by creamy custard and hints of tropical fruits.

While it’s recommended to drink Mahiki coconut rum with pineapple juice or coke, the flavours are perhaps best savoured undiluted. Simply serve over ice for a refreshing sip or pour a shot over vanilla ice cream for a decadent dessert.

PretAirporter says: The initial taste is delicate and mellow and the flavour of toasted coconut natural rather than synthetic or sickly. This gives way to a gentle alcoholic heat and a subtle spicy tingle in the mouth. Sweetness takes over and the spirit turns rich and creamy – imagine a delicious crème caramel made with molasses and you’re almost there.

Get the party started: this top tipple is served at Mahiki nightclub in London


Zoë Pincombe
written by: Zoë Pincombe
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