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World’s Best Airport Coffee Shops


Truth be told, travelling is exhausting. Even if it’s just across the pond from Heathrow to Paris, the entire process of getting on a plane can be very painful. While we have told you about in-flight skincare to follow and noise-cancellation gadgets to purchase, it’s time to talk about the important stuff.

Caffeinated beverage.

Layover times are too short for a mediocre cup of coffee, or for an overpriced cup of joe. Here’s our guide to the best airport coffee in the world.


Giraffe Stop at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3


A little bit of quirky and a whole lot hipster, this cafe is exclusive to Heathrow Terminal 3 arrivals. They serve cold-pressed juices, hot coffees and chicken tikka masala with roti. Yep, that wasn’t a typo. This cafe is owned by a local Pakistani family and they sure know how to make travellers feel just at home.


Caffe Pascucci at Seoul Incheon International Airport


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These guys have been making some of the best cappuccinos in Asia since 1883, so when you pay big Korean money for your cuppa here, assume that your tastebuds are in safe hands of a knowledgable barista. Caffe Pascucci is more of a swanky bar than a cafe and it ticks all the right boxes for a jetsetter. Especially the skin who don’t want to slurp down ramen at 5am.


Guava and Java at Philadelphia International Airport


While major coffee chains have taken over most airports in the US, some local experts still give value to a traditional brew. Operated by local experts La Colombe, Guava and Java at Philadelphia International Airport is one of a kind. Their single-origin blends are the most-popular order; however if you’re feeling jittery before a flight, try their signature smoothies and juices made with kale, wheatgrass and kombucha.


Joe and the Juice at Copenhagen Airport T2


Ferien nydes fuldt ud!☕️

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Named the best airport coffee shop at last year’s Airport Food and Beverage Awards, London’s favourite boys own Copenhagen Airport’s coffee scene. Similar to their London outpost, J and the J is always buzzing at this airport too. The soundtrack for lunch hour is a live band, and come twilight hour, Frank Sinatra takes over their Bose system. If you want some seriously sexy coffee served by bearded hipster men, this head to Joe and the Juice.


agnès b. Cafe at Hong Kong International Airport


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Craving a traditional Vietnamese coffee? Head to agnès b. Cafe in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport. They have over 15 varieties of cakes available, all perfectly paired with your choice of black java. If you’re in for a long haul and don’t want to miss all the in-flight entertainment, then most definitely get your caffeine hit here.


Music to our ears: Must-Have Audio Gadgets


Sun, sea and sound. They are three s’s no holiday should be without. From pocket-size speakers to top of the range headphones, audio gadgets are an essential part of every traveller’s packing list. So whether you’re heading on that long-awaited beach break or your trip is strictly business, discover the must-have audio gadgets that will fit snugly into any self-respecting music fan’s suitcase.

P5 Wireless – Bowers & Wilkins

Add a hint of luxury to your listening experience courtesy of Bowers & Wilkins’ advanced P5 Wireless headphones. Priced at £219.96, they are available at Heathrow Boutique and Heathrow Terminals 2,3,4 and 5. Ideal for those wanting elegant design without compromising on sound quality, the P5 model was designed and balanced by the engineers behind the reference monitors in Abbey Road Studios. Featuring advanced Bluetooth technology, the design incorporates intuitive onboard controls, meaning you can skip, pause and play tracks without your smartphone ever leaving your pocket. And with an impressive battery life of 17 hours’ wireless playback, these headphones are sure to see you through even the longest of journeys.

Aquapod Wireless Speaker ­– Boompods

If you’re hunting for a mini musical hero this summer, look no further than this miniature offering from audio brand Boompods. Shockproof, waterproof and capable of packing a 70db punch, the powerful Aquapod Wireless Speaker (£35), available onboard Virgin Atlantic and Thomas Cook Airlines, is the ultimate outdoor companion. Featuring the latest Bluetooth technology, this pocket size gadget has a playback time of five hours, comes in a range of four bold colours and can even answer calls. Accompanied by sleek accessories – a lanyard, suction cup, bike mount and karabiner are all included – this handy, disc-shaped device is perfectly suited to your next beach adventure, mountain hike or even an in-shower sing-along.

BeoPlay H3 ANC – Bang & Olufsen

Introducing a sleek and compact addition to Bang & Olufsen’s renowned headphone range. The BeoPlay H3 ANC headphones (€249), available from BA High Life Shop, are the definition of a small but mighty travel accessory. Perfect for music lovers on the go, this latest design twins Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound with practical design born out of creator Jacob Wagner’s study of human ears. The Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) units have a battery life of up to 20 hours, using microphones mounted on the earpieces to measure incoming sound levels and neutralise their interruption. Extremely versatile, these headphones are ideal for drowning out inflight ambient sounds and also make for the perfect gym buddy.

Excite+ Headphone Amplifier – Bitmore

Do you find yourself craving better sound quality than your phone and headphones alone can provide? Bitmore has the solution. Compact and easy to use, the Excite+ Headphone Amplifier (£39, BA High Life Shop) is an understated piece of design. By boosting your phone’s power output, this handy little device provides you with a wider frequency range, opening your ears to a whole new world of sound. With a battery life of 20 hours and a recharge time of 30 minutes, this is the perfect first step into the amplifier market for wannabe musos.

DrumBass Tone Wireless Speaker – Lifetrons Switzerland

The portable speaker no traveller should be without, Lifetrons Switzerland’s DrumBass Tone Wireless Speaker (£42, available onboard multiple airlines, including Etihad, Qatar Airways and Monarch) is your perfectly formed travel companion. Available in Black, Silver and Champagne Gold, this pocket-size speaker looks as good as it sounds. Boasting up to 12 hours of audio playback, alongside a wireless range of up to ten metres, this compact piece of tech allows you to connect using Bluetooth technology or a 3.5mm audio port. Compatible with most tablets, computers and mobile devices, the recharging process is quick and easy via a nifty little USB.


Flying somewhere fancy? Then let your accessories do the talking


If you are jetting off somewhere lovely this weekend, but you’re only taking carry-on luggage, you might want to consider the joys of accessories. They’re light, easy to pack, and will elevate your outfit with minimal effort on your part.

Whether it’s a pair of Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses, a bottle of Chanel’s latest fragrance, or Bonia’s pink satchel, these airport purchases are sure to add a touch of glamour and sophistication to your getaway outfits.

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4 Products to Protect Your Summer Hair Style


Most of us know the importance of protecting our skin from burning. But few are aware just how much damage the sun can cause to our hair. UV exposure degrades hair fibres, making it duller and weaker.

Dryness, split ends and fading colour are all symptoms of spending too much time soaking up rays and scalp sunburn can be particularly uncomfortable. Keen swimmers will tell you how pool chlorine and salty sea water can also make your locks look and feel less than perfect. All far from ideal when it comes to taking those summer selfies.

Wearing hair in up-dos can help to reduce exposure. Try also to avoid using heated styling tools to minimise damage. To keep your locks looking their best, use protective sun-care products containing UV filters and moisturising agents.

We’ve picked out our favourite products for keeping hair healthy, all widely available in global duty free stores.

This dermalogica daily cleansing shampoo is a gentler way to keep hair clean, without stripping away vital protective oils. The formula includes the moisturising oils of coconut, argan and avocado oils, restoring softness and moisture and providing a protective dose of anti-oxidants. With essential oils of grapefruit, lavender and geranium, it smells wonderful too.

The Kérastase range is made with 98% natural ingredients. The Ciment Thermique is designed to prevent damage caused by blow drying hair- but works just as well for preventing sun damage with its resurfacing milk formula.

If you have spent too much time in the sun, then we’d recommend Kiehl’s Damage Repairing and Rehydrating Conditioner. With hydrating hyaluronic acid and moringa tree oil, it will replenish your tresses.

Equally, Kérastase Masque Magistral nourishes hair and restores essential nutrients, leaving hair supple and shiny.

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FEAT. Olia Hercules

After training at Leith’s famous cookery school and working for the likes of Yotam Ottolenghi, Olia Hercules is a rising star of the culinary world. Working as a recipe writer and food stylist, Hercules contributes to top food magazines and has made several TV appearances on shows such as Saturday Kitchen. Her debut cookbook Mamushka: Recipes from Ukraine and Beyond brought us the gastronomic delights of her home country Ukraine to much critical acclaim, and her next book Kaukasis: A culinary journey through Georgia, Azerbaijan and beyond is out 10 August 2017.

Needless to say, all this first-hand research has made Hercules a rather frequent flyer, so we asked her to share her five inflight essentials.

Omorovicza Limited Edition Queen of Hungary Mist

“I really like the Hungarian brand Omorovicza. Their cleansing mask is amazing and so is their hydrating spray. I take it with me when I travel. I often take an old-school Soviet sleeper train from Kiev to my home town (it’s a twelve hour journey after the 3.5 hour flight from London). In winter they really crank up the heat in the carriages so your skin needs a lot of help!”

Jurlique rose hand cream travel exclusive size 100ml

“I miss the times when I had perfectly manicured hands, but those times are sadly gone. I have worker’s hands now. I cook a lot and my hands have become quite veiny and dry and covered in burns, and my fingertips have gone completely asbestos. I do try to keep them moisturised as much as I can though. I squeeze a bit of the rose hand cream into a small jar and use it throughout my journey. The smell makes me relax too.”

Birkenstock Arizona sandals

“I can’t have my feet feeling uncomfortable. So it is always Birkenstocks in the summer and Blundstone boots in winter especially when I travel. I am on my feet a lot. When we were shooting my second cookbook in the Caucasus we’d work from 6am to 10pm for ten days in a row or longer. I’d stand no chance without comfy footwear.”

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“My father’s friend is originally from Orenburg in Russia where they make the most beautiful goat lace shawls. It is an essential on a plane (when aircons can become extremely fierce). I’ve got one hand-made by our friend’s mother, that I’ve been using for the past ten years (it has travelled with me to the weirdest places). It’s light and compact and incredibly warm.”

Bose Quietcomfort 35 Wireless Headphones

“I have been using Bose headphones for about 15 years. I love proper, chunky ones. If you are tired they are excellent at cancelling the noise out. I will never be the person that unsympathetically tuts at your toddler for throwing a tantrum on a plane…I make sure that I cannot hear them (I highly recommend that). I now have a wireless pair that I do not leave the house without.”

“I have a five-year-old son so reading books at home is very rare for me, which I miss so much. I always take a book with me if I travel alone. I have just finished Stories I Stole from Georgia by Wendell Steavenson – an excellent account on life in raucous 1990s Caucasus.”


6 Ways To Keep Kids Entertained When Travelling


Travelling with kids: it’s not for the faint of heart. I say this not as a parent, mind, but as the Responsible Eldest Child among three siblings (my brother is a whole 17 years younger than me). On family trips from London to Hong Kong, I have witnessed first-hand the number of tantrums thrown, toys lost, and demands made – all before we’ve even left the house.

I have vivid flashbacks of helping my mum make the 12-hour trip with two small children in tow, complete with tedious layovers and jet-lagged tears. Not to mention the pushchair that was necessary to wheel my small emperor of a brother around the airport.

Luckily for today’s parents, things have improved somewhat. There are iPads and fidget spinners, and even suitcases that double up as kiddie rides. I get a strangely smug kick out of seeing children willingly transport themselves and their luggage around (they’re being useful but they don’t know it!).

Trunki Hamleys Bus Ride On Suitcase

Available at London Heathrow’s Hamley’s store, this clever little case is only £44.99. With its distinctive London bus design, it’s also a great way of bringing a little bit of the capital with you on your travels.

Mardles Augmented Reality sticker sets

From trunks to T-Rexes, kids are sure to love these augmented reality stickers that bring their favourite prehistoric pals to life. It works in a similar way to Pokémon Go in that players simply point a smartphone, et voila, the stickers pop up in 3D with animation and sound. Users can then control the characters with arrows and keep memories and selfies with the on-screen icons.

Aurora’s Sparkle Tales collection includes a cuddly white unicorn available with gold or silver horns and hooves. Available in 2 different sizes: 18cm and 30.5cm.

Of course, sometimes the oldies are the goodies. It’s hard to beat the classic comfort factor of a cuddly toy, especially when travelling in unfamiliar environments. Sadly, this unicorn doesn’t have wings, which is why he needs to travel in economy with you. Available in airport stores from November 2017 to February 2018.

Despicable Me 3 Top Trumps

While smartphone apps and inflight computer games are handy ways to keep kids busy, there’s nothing quite like a pack of cards for getting the whole family involved. Featuring the characters from Despicable Me 3, this Top Trumps set is a good one to keep in your back pocket for delays and long layovers.

1st Class Kid Travel Pillow

This one isn’t strictly going to entertain your small person, but it will help them get a decent nap so you can entertain yourself. The idea for the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow came about from the founder’s experience of travelling long-haul with her own children. This ingenious cushion inflates and sits on the floor in between the passenger seats, so it can be used on a plane, in a car or even on a bus.



And if all else fails, you can always rely on sugar, right? The travel-exclusive Haribo Travel Bag (800g) is packed with portion-controlled 100g bags of Goldbears, Happy Cola, Starmix and Tropifrutti. What’s more, the kids can take the shoulder bag with them on their next adventure.

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Why Duty Free Is The Best Place to Buy Your Summer Cocktail Ingredients


As we approach the humid heights of summer, thoughts turn to cool pools, languid afternoons, and long drinks sipped slowly. Of course, you could head to the nearest rooftop bar for this, or you could try your hand at making your own cocktails. It’s surprisingly simple – and unsurprisingly cost-effective.

Just stock up on booze the next time you’re passing through duty free, pick up any fresh fruits you need on the day, and make sure you have the basic equipment at home. According to GQ, that bastion of style and taste, there are only “six tools you need to make drinks, and none should come with batteries.” These are: a Parisian shaker, a mixing glass, a strainer, a jigger with one-ounce and two-ounce sides and a stirring spoon. Oh, and a decent paring knife for all that citrus you’ll be handling.

Your home bar should already be stocked with a core collection of whiskey, gin, vodka, and rum, but the beauty of shopping duty free is that you can afford to go a little off-piste. Coconut rum? Sure, why not. A bottle of absinthe? Well, it wouldn’t be a party without one. What’s more, distillers quite often create exclusive expressions for duty free, so it’s the perfect opportunity to unleash your inner bar nerd (or impress one you know).

Once you’re home, take inspiration from our print-out-and-keep list of summer cocktails that you can make, with nary a tiny umbrella in sight. Enjoy.

Handy Hints

To muddle simply means ‘to mix’. A bartender would likely do this with a muddler, but if you don’t have one, the blunt end of an ice cream scoop or cooking utensil will do the job just as well. Crush the fruit (or herbs) against the ice, until it has broken down, allowing it to mix evenly throughout your drink.

For the best citrus peel twists, always use unwaxed fruit. The easiest way to get a nice strip, is to use a vegetable peeler, following the natural curve of the fruit. Alternatively, firmly but carefully run closed scissors along the pith side of the peel and it should curl up nicely.

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Oh Canada: Celebrate 150 years with these treats from the land of maple


On July 1st 1867 Canada, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick became a single nation. Le Jour de la Confédération or Canada Day has been a day of festivities every year since. Canadians around the globe celebrate with parades and carnivals, concerts, barbeques and of course, fireworks.

This year is extra special, as it marks the 150th anniversary. So tuck into poutine, listen to Celine Dion and if you’re heading to the airport, be sure to pick up these Canadian goodies.


For Toasting….

What could be purer or more refreshing than water from an iceberg? Iceberg Vodka has been using such water to make this triple distilled spirit since 1995. It’s exceptionally smooth, yet has a delicate sweetness with a clean, crisp finish and is available from American and Canadian duty free stores.

Canada is famous for its exquisite ice wines and this limited edition from Pillitteri Estate in Niagara is no exception. The 2012 vintage commemorates the 150th Canada Day, with decorative box and maple leaf design. The grapes are picked when frozen below -8°C, as the sugars and flavours are most concentrated at this frosty temperature. This results in a golden wine with notes of honeyed peach, apricot and tropical fruits and a luscious, lingering finish. Exclusive to the Air Canada Pre-Order programme.

If dessert wine is not your thing, then don’t worry as Bottega have an alternative. While the brand isn’t Canadian, it has released a limited edition Prosecco, available if you pre-order from the Canada Duty Free website. The golden bottle commemorates the 150th anniversary of Canada Day and would make a fine memento of the occasion, even after the contents have been enjoyed. Exclusive to the Air Canada Pre-Order programme.

Not all of us are lucky enough to travel to Canada, but we can still join in the festivities. Crown Royal Canadian Whisky is available from global World Duty Free stores. A blend of 50 separately matured whiskies gives Crown Royal a smooth and creamy mouth feel with aromas and flavours of oak and vanilla. King George VI’s visit to Canada in 1939 prompted the creation of this celebratory tipple.


For Treasuring…

Unmistakably Canadian, this pretty little pin badge made from fine pewter with 18K gold plating would make a lovely addition to any coat or bag, as a reminder of a trip to Canada. Available to international passengers on the Air Canada Duty Free Pre Order website.

Images provided by DFASS Group, operator of Air Canada’s On Board duty free and Pre Order programmes.

These soapstone sculptures have been hand carved by the Nunavik Inuits. Each one is different but they all celebrate the wildlife of Canada and conveniently come in presentation boxes. Available to international passengers on the Air Canada Duty Free Pre Order website.


Pack Your Troubles Away: Top Tips For Maximising Your Luggage Allowance


We’ve all been there: sitting on our suitcase to squeeze it shut and hoping that it won’t exceed the weight limit. Packing can be one of the greatest challenges of going on holiday – from getting the right suitcase to taking only what you need and still leaving room for those duty free purchases.

Here’s our guide to optimising space for trouble-free packing, and some great buying options if you want to upgrade your luggage in the airport shops.

Know Your Limits

The different airline policies on size and weight restrictions can be a bit of a headache. Nobody wants the hassle of having to unpack and repack their suitcase in the middle of the airport, or to have to pay for their luggage to be sent by freight.

Here’s a quick rough guide to the allowances of some popular airlines:

Checked Luggage Limits

Airline Dimensions No. of Pieces x Weight
Economy Business First
Emirates 300cm 1 x 30kg 1 x 40kg 1x 50kg
British Airways 90 x 75 x 43cm 1 x 23kg 1 x 23kg 1 x 32kg
Lufthansa 158 cm 1 x 23kg 2 x 32kg 3 x 32kg
Eithad Airways 45 x 72 x 90cm 1 x 32kg 1 x 32kg 1 x 32kg
ANA H+W+L ≦158 cm 2 x 23kg 2 x 32kg 3 x 32kg
Singapore Airlines 200 x 75 x 80cm 2 x 23kg 2 x 32kg 2 x 32kg
Qatar Airways 300 cm 1 x 30kg 1 x 40kg 1x 50kg
Virgin Atlantic 90 x 75 x 43cm 1 x 23kg 2 x 23kg 3 x 32kg

Carry On Limits

Airline No. of Pieces x Weight Dimensions
Economy Business First
Emirates 1 x 7kg 2 x 7kg 2 x 7kg 55 x 38 x 20cm
British Airways 1 x 23kg 1 x 23kg 1 x 23kg 56 x 45 x 25cm
Lufthansa 1 x 8kg 2 x 8kg 2 x 8kg 55 x40 x 23 cm
Eithad Airways 1 x 7kg 2 = 12kg 2 = 12kg 40 x 50 x 25cm
ANA 1 x 10kg 1 x 10kg 1 x 10kg 55 ×40 × 25cm
Singapore Airlines 1 x 7kg 2 x 7kg 2 x 7kg 115cm
Qatar Airways 1 x 7kg 1 x 15kg 1 x 15kg 50 x 37 x 25cm
Virgin Atlantic 1 x 10kg 1 x 10kg 2 x 12kg 23 x 36 x 56cm

Presenting the TUMI TLK Range

The traveller exclusive suitcase range available from TUMI airport stores, is available in four sophisticated colours, perfect for business or leisure. The cases are effortlessly manoeuverable and can be monogrammed for that personal touch.

Lipault Pliable is the perfect lightweight case and exclusive to travel shoppers in duck egg blue. Available from airport Rolling Luggage stores.


Weighing you own luggage provides peace of mind and can help to avoid any extra charges last minute flusters. The Travelmeister portable luggage scales by Beuer also double up as a power bank and a torch, saving valuable space. Pick one up from British Airways High Life Shop.

Personalise your suitcase with bright ribbon or tape, so it’s easy to spot at baggage reclaim – particularly is it’s a plain, dark case. This can be safer than labelling your luggage with your personal details, too.


“Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off” were the words of wisdom from Coco Chanel; well, the same applies to packing.

While we all like to pack that spare jumper in case the weather takes a turn in Bali, or those sky-scraper heels in case we get invited out somewhere fancy on a trekking holiday in Georgia, it’s important to take just what your destination requires.

Check the weather forecast before you go and take clothes suitable for what you intend to be doing, so you don’t take anything you won’t wear. Scarves can be rolled small to pack, but are versatile and can be used to customise outfits easily.

Available at Monsoon airport stores, this beautiful scarf would make an elegant addition to your holiday wardrobe.

Don’t Cram It All In

While it’s tempting to just throw everything in and hope for the best (particularly on the way home) packing clothes neatly can really make a difference. Not only does it optimise space, but it prevents your clothes from looking creased and dishevelled at the other end. Rolling clothes is a good technique for this and vacuum compression bags are widely available and can help to reduce space further.

Remember: leave room for souvenirs and duty free shopping.


Select Shoes

Shoes can be particularly problematic when travelling. They can take up valuable space and weight allowance. If you can, try not to take more than two pairs of shoes and wear your bulkiest/heaviest pair whilst travelling. Pick versatile shoes that you can wear with as many of your outfits as possible. When you pack, remember there’s room inside those shoes to fit underwear, chargers and other accessories. Place shoes at the bottom and your luggage will fit more snuggly around them. And don’t forget to place them in plastic bags so that your clothes don’t get dirty.

Space Friendly Shoes:

These classy heels from Dune airport stores will fit neatly in your case
These aptly named ‘Luggage’ shoes from Kurt Geiger airport stores are available in gold, black and tan


The ‘take only what you need’ rule also applies to beauty products and other essentials. There are many travel-friendly kits containing all you could possibly need, you really don’t have to pack your entire make-up collection, bathroom cabinet or sink…

Pick up these handy products on your way through duty free.

This travel exclusive smashbox Glow & Go is available at World Duty Free, providing all your basic cosmetic requirements
The Lancôme Absolue Voyage has you absolutely covered with this compact kit

Got a trip coming up? Don’t worry, we’ve found the best products to combat jet lag


One of the few downsides of jetting off on holiday is the dreaded jet lag. Headache, dodgy tummy, sore muscles, dry skin, fatigue… most of us have, unfortunately, been there. Hopping time zones and flying can mess up the body’s natural circadian rhythm, making you feel zoned out and unwell.

To help you avoid the post-vacation slump, we’ve put together a handy list of tips and tricks, along with a few of our favourite products available at the airport.

Set your watch…

Changing the time on your watch to the time of your destination will help you to just adjust to the new time zone quicker. When you arrive, eat and sleep at the correct local times too.

FitBit Alta HR in Classic Coral is available at Heathrow Boutique


 Stay hydrated…

It’s easy to become dehydrated when flying, so it’s important to drink plenty of fluids. The same applies to your skin, use moisture-rich products to help prevent dryness. The travel exclusive Clinique Moisture surge set is available globally, whilst the WASO range by Shiseido is currently available at Asian airports.

The Moisture Surge Set from Clinique comes with a handy water bottle

The WASO Range from Shiseido uses traditional Japanese botanicals to maximise hydration. Available at multiple airport shops

And then to dream…

Do rest and take naps during your flight, particularly if it’s night time at your destination. In a noisy and unfamiliar aeroplane environment, it can often be difficult to doze off. So we suggest investing in some ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask, neck pillow and even some natural oils to help you drift.

Noise cancelling Beoplay E4 from B&O PLAY available at airport Dixons stores
earplanes2 are available at Boots airport stores and come in a handy travel case
A natural (and easily transportable) way to help you sleep, also available at Boots airport stores

 Keep active…

Try to move as much as possible during your flight, particularly when travelling long distances. Stretching and walking along the cabin will help blood flow and circulation.

Avoid napping when you arrive, stay active until it’s the correct local time to sleep; spend time outdoors too, as natural sunlight will help your body’s biological clock to adjust.

We love this travel-friendly workout kit, available from airport Accesorize and Dune stores.

Accesorize Pink Vest Top
Accesorize Lotus Bloom Leggings

Equels Trainers available at Dune airport stores

Take a probiotic

There’s been a lot of interesting research into how the microbiome can have a surprisingly significant impact on health. Giving your friendly gut bacteria a helpful boost can help your body respond to the stresses of travelling.  These handy probiotic capsules can be picked up from Boots stores while you’re waiting for your flight.

Alflorex probiotics will help to keep your stomach happy

 Fake it ‘till you make it

If all else fails, there are a myriad of cosmetics that can help to disguise your less than peaky complexion. Make the most of your time at the airport and pick up these travel exclusives.

Travel Exclusive Clarins Lip Perfectors: available at World Duty Free stores


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat 1 Luminous Radiance Duo 5ml
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Soothing Products to Help Heal Your Sun Burn


When the weather is glorious, it’s human nature to make the most of it and spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up those summer rays. With all the media attention given to Vitamin D deficiency, you would be forgiven for thinking that plenty of sun exposure could only be a good thing. And it is – providing you don’t get burnt.

Too much sun can age skin prematurely and increase the risks of getting skin cancer and no bronze glow is worth that. So if you’ve overdone the tanning and find yourself with red, flaky skin, let PretAirporter come to the rescue. We’ve found the best products for sunburnt skin available at airport shops.

Cool down

Rituals Karma Shower Foam is gentle on skin and perfect for a cooling shower. It’s currently available at London Stansted Airport.


There are many lotions available that can help replace moisture and soothe your skin. Products that contain aloe vera can be particularly effective, as it can help to reduce inflammation.

But if aloe’s not your favourite, you could try oat, soy, coconut, lavender, chamomile, tea, cucumber or witch hazel products. Avoid products containing petrolatum, however, as this is very good at trapping heat due to its waxy consistency and will aggravate skin further. It’s important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, too.

These travel exclusive products are sold in airports worldwide.

Green tea, lavender and other botanicals make this set from Elizabeth Arden kind on skin

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 75ml, Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief 30ml & All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage 15ml

E-asy Does It

Vitamin E is beneficial for sun burn as it is a powerful antioxidant – helping to reduce inflammation and rid your body of damaging free radicals. You can use products enriched with vitamin E, but also try boosting your diet with rich food sources (think walnuts, avocado, oily fish) to help reduce redness.

Pick up this Jo Malone cream enriched with Vitamin E at World Duty Free stores.

Jo Malone Vitamin E Cream also has a an SPF of 15


Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

To avoid sunburn, remember to apply sun protection (at least SPF 30) regularly. There are a variety of products available, such as sprays and foundations, if you’re not a fan of those heavy creams. Make these sun creams part of your duty free shopping spree and stay protected.

Clarins Travel Exclusive Set caters for all your sun protection needs


Biotherm Dry Touch Spray is a great alternative to heavy creams.
Shiseido UV Protection Compact Foundation Duo Set is available at duty free shops until September 2017

Cover up by wearing lightweight clothing, hats and sunnies and avoid too much exposure when the sun is hottest between 11am and 3pm.

This Portia wide brimmed hat is available at Oliver Bonas airport stores.

Lastly, if you experience blistering or swelling, chills, fever or symptoms of heat stroke then it’s time to put away the aftersun gel and seek medical advice.

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Lacoste pops up at China Duty Free Mall in Haitang Bay



Fans of tennis and fashion should get down to Lacoste’s pop-up store in Haitang Bay, pronto. Running until 26 June at China Duty Free Mall in the CITS Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex, the concept celebrates both the French Open and the announcement of the new ambassador, Novak Djokovic.

Within the shop, an exhibition is dedicated to the legendary French tennis champion René Lacoste, a showcasing of the latest collection, and an interactive game. Here, customers can play tennis on digital screens for a chance to win a special gift.

Currently ranked number four in men’s singles tennis, Novak Djokovic joined Lacoste last month as the new brand ambassador. But his involvement goes beyond just fronting campaigns. The French clothing label worked with the 30-year-old Serbian to create the Novak Djokovic performance collection, which features pique polo shirts, shorts, a khaki blazer, trousers, and a zip jacket. Designed for both comfort and style, the range proudly bears Djokovic’s signature on the left sleeve of the polo shirt. So even if you’re not hitting the clay courts of Roland Garros anytime soon, you can still look – and feel – the part.

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Off To The Beach? Here’s A Last-Minute Outfit You Can Pull Together With Some Airport Shopping


Online travel specialists TravelBird have just released their annual Beach Price Index ranking over 300 beaches worldwide on the cost of spending one day at each.

Did you know that the most expensive beaches are in Norway? Or that Botany Bay in Kent is the UK’s least pricey beach? Or that Vietnam’s tropical shores came up as the most affordable in the world?

To calculate their affordability, the price of five essentials were researched for each destination: the cost of a bottle of sun cream (200 ml), a bottle of water (500 ml), a beer (33 cl bottle), lunch (including drink and dessert for one person), and an ice cream (vital). At Norway’s Kristiansand Beach, that shopping list would set you back the equivalent of USD$65.59. Whereas in Vietnam’s Cua Dai Beach, all of this would be yours for the princely sum of USD$13.37.

Of course, whether you’re headed to the world’s cheapest or most expensive beach, seaside fashion calls for rules of its own. Think casual and classic – but with a twist. These pineapple trunks by Ted Baker are the perfect example of tropical chic. Ditto the Havaianas (you really, really can’t go wrong with these no matter what colour you choose). A fresh white t-shirt will set off your tan, while a pair of Oakleys will set you apart from the knock-off Wayfarer crew. Lastly, a spritz of liquid sunshine by Sir Paul Smith and you’re ready for your Baywatch moment. All available at good airport shops.

1. Mango T-shirt 2. Oakley Sliver Sunglasses (travel shopping exclusive) 3. Ted Baker Ontima Pineapple Printed Swim Shorts 4. Havaianas Brasil Logo Flip Flops 5. Paul Smith Sunshine For Men Limited Edition Eau De Toilette available at World Duty Free

Announcing the winners of the PretAirporter Blogger of the Month Awards


To kick off the monthly PretAirporter Travel Shopping Blog Awards, we are delighted to showcase our very first winners.

Each month the best posts across beauty, fragrance, fashion, luxury, wines and spirits, are awarded a ticket in Dubai Duty Free’s Finest Surprise luxury car draw (offering the chance to win a fantastic latest model car) and a special PretAirporter award logo. The overall winner each month also receives a USD$300 cash prize, which this time goes to The Whisky Lady. Congratulations, Anne-Sophie!

The initiative will culminate in December with the PretAirporter Global Blogger of the Year Awards, featuring some outstanding cash, product prizes and winners’ trophies. The ultimate winner will also earn a paid stint as Editor-in-Residence at PretAirporter.

Blogger of the Month: Beauty

Breakeven London

Blog post: Tangle Teezer Summer & Disney

With a master’s degree in Fashion Journalism, Fani is displaying an equally masterful blogging ability. Born in Greece, she’s lived in London since 2010. Her blog includes helpful reviews of fashion and beauty products, along with the occasional foodie travel post. In this post, she champions the hair-taming abilities of a trusty Tangle Teezer. A product perfect for children and adults alike to keep unruly hair looking its best.

Blogger of the Month: Fragrance

The Candy Perfume Boy

Blog post: Speed Sniff: Nuit de Megève by Eight & Bob

When not drinking tea, playing with cats or annoying his boyfriend, Thomas – a.k.a. The Candy Perfume Boy – can be found indulging his passion for all things scented. Accompanied by his own comprehensive guide to the nuances and sciences of perfume, The Candy Perfume Boy writes detailed and evocative reviews of the latest perfumes on the block. The Speed Sniff reviews are particularly user-friendly, providing honest but concise opinions and making perfume accessible to the masses.

Blogger of the Month: Fashion

Happily Grey

Blog post: Subtle

Mary of Happily Grey writes a refreshing fashion blog, in that she doesn’t pretend to be an expert or dictate the latest trends. Rather she documents her daily moods and styles to provide inspiration for her followers. Her posts are complete with artistic photography and detailed descriptions of each outfit, explaining why they look so good. This post, titled subtle is anything but. And all the better for it.

Blogger of the Month: Luxury

SilverSpoon London

Blog post: Luxury Travel Tips: How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

Angie Silver travels the world in style. Her self-confessed wanderlust has taken her to places including: Europe, South East Asia, Australia, the USA, and South Africa. She’s always eager to try local cuisines and her blog often includes detailed restaurant reviews. Having married in 2014, she has personal insight into writing honeymoon advice. Her post provides handy tips on budgeting, destinations and even what to pack to ensure you look your best.

Blogger of the Month: Wines & Spirits

The Whisky Lady

Blog post: Weekly Whisky News Round-up

Dispelling the myth that whisky is only for middle-aged and older men, The Whisky Lady provides proof that anyone and everyone can appreciate it. When not blogging, Anne-Sophie works as a representative for French distilleries and estimates bottle prices for auction. So, she certainly knows a thing or two about whisky, the water of life. She also includes food pairings and recipes for each reviewed whisky. Her weekly round-up is a tidy information pack about the latest releases in the whisky world; accessible, informative and a valuable resource for any whisky enthusiast.

Vlogger of the Month

Niomi Smart

Post: Spring Look Book

25-year-old Niomi Smart first began vlogging in 2014. An all-rounder, Niomi’s vlogs consist of healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, travel, and fashion advice. Her comprehensive guide to the latest fashion shows you how to make the most out of your spring wardrobe – particularly if you live in the colder British climate. Her guide is complete with a store list so you can also go and buy that jacket.

Instagrammer of the Month


Mother of two Helen Janneson Bense is half Finnish, half Australian and lives in Western Australia. Having specialised in nutrigenomics and worked with children with autism spectrum disorders around the world, she whole-heartedly believes in a simple, loving way of life. Her Instagram is a gallery of beautiful travel shots and beach fashion inspiration.