Got a trip coming up? Don’t worry, we’ve found the best products to combat jet lag


One of the few downsides of jetting off on holiday is the dreaded jet lag. Headache, dodgy tummy, sore muscles, dry skin, fatigue… most of us have, unfortunately, been there. Hopping time zones and flying can mess up the body’s natural circadian rhythm, making you feel zoned out and unwell.

To help you avoid the post-vacation slump, we’ve put together a handy list of tips and tricks, along with a few of our favourite products available at the airport.

Set your watch…

Changing the time on your watch to the time of your destination will help you to just adjust to the new time zone quicker. When you arrive, eat and sleep at the correct local times too.

FitBit Alta HR in Classic Coral is available at Heathrow Boutique


 Stay hydrated…

It’s easy to become dehydrated when flying, so it’s important to drink plenty of fluids. The same applies to your skin, use moisture-rich products to help prevent dryness. The travel exclusive Clinique Moisture surge set is available globally, whilst the WASO range by Shiseido is currently available at Asian airports.

The Moisture Surge Set from Clinique comes with a handy water bottle

The WASO Range from Shiseido uses traditional Japanese botanicals to maximise hydration. Available at multiple airport shops

And then to dream…

Do rest and take naps during your flight, particularly if it’s night time at your destination. In a noisy and unfamiliar aeroplane environment, it can often be difficult to doze off. So we suggest investing in some ear plugs or noise cancelling headphones, an eye mask, neck pillow and even some natural oils to help you drift.

Noise cancelling Beoplay E4 from B&O PLAY available at airport Dixons stores
earplanes2 are available at Boots airport stores and come in a handy travel case
A natural (and easily transportable) way to help you sleep, also available at Boots airport stores

 Keep active…

Try to move as much as possible during your flight, particularly when travelling long distances. Stretching and walking along the cabin will help blood flow and circulation.

Avoid napping when you arrive, stay active until it’s the correct local time to sleep; spend time outdoors too, as natural sunlight will help your body’s biological clock to adjust.

We love this travel-friendly workout kit, available from airport Accesorize and Dune stores.

Accesorize Pink Vest Top
Accesorize Lotus Bloom Leggings

Equels Trainers available at Dune airport stores

Take a probiotic

There’s been a lot of interesting research into how the microbiome can have a surprisingly significant impact on health. Giving your friendly gut bacteria a helpful boost can help your body respond to the stresses of travelling.  These handy probiotic capsules can be picked up from Boots stores while you’re waiting for your flight.

Alflorex probiotics will help to keep your stomach happy

 Fake it ‘till you make it

If all else fails, there are a myriad of cosmetics that can help to disguise your less than peaky complexion. Make the most of your time at the airport and pick up these travel exclusives.

Travel Exclusive Clarins Lip Perfectors: available at World Duty Free stores


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat 1 Luminous Radiance Duo 5ml
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Soothing Products to Help Heal Your Sun Burn


When the weather is glorious, it’s human nature to make the most of it and spend as much time as possible outdoors, soaking up those summer rays. With all the media attention given to Vitamin D deficiency, you would be forgiven for thinking that plenty of sun exposure could only be a good thing. And it is – providing you don’t get burnt.

Too much sun can age skin prematurely and increase the risks of getting skin cancer and no bronze glow is worth that. So if you’ve overdone the tanning and find yourself with red, flaky skin, let PretAirporter come to the rescue. We’ve found the best products for sunburnt skin available at airport shops.

Cool down

Rituals Karma Shower Foam is gentle on skin and perfect for a cooling shower. It’s currently available at London Stansted Airport.


There are many lotions available that can help replace moisture and soothe your skin. Products that contain aloe vera can be particularly effective, as it can help to reduce inflammation.

But if aloe’s not your favourite, you could try oat, soy, coconut, lavender, chamomile, tea, cucumber or witch hazel products. Avoid products containing petrolatum, however, as this is very good at trapping heat due to its waxy consistency and will aggravate skin further. It’s important to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, too.

These travel exclusive products are sold in airports worldwide.

Green tea, lavender and other botanicals make this set from Elizabeth Arden kind on skin

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 75ml, Moisture Surge Face Spray Thirsty Skin Relief 30ml & All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage 15ml

E-asy Does It

Vitamin E is beneficial for sun burn as it is a powerful antioxidant – helping to reduce inflammation and rid your body of damaging free radicals. You can use products enriched with vitamin E, but also try boosting your diet with rich food sources (think walnuts, avocado, oily fish) to help reduce redness.

Pick up this Jo Malone cream enriched with Vitamin E at World Duty Free stores.

Jo Malone Vitamin E Cream also has a an SPF of 15


Prevention Is Better Than A Cure

To avoid sunburn, remember to apply sun protection (at least SPF 30) regularly. There are a variety of products available, such as sprays and foundations, if you’re not a fan of those heavy creams. Make these sun creams part of your duty free shopping spree and stay protected.

Clarins Travel Exclusive Set caters for all your sun protection needs


Biotherm Dry Touch Spray is a great alternative to heavy creams.
Shiseido UV Protection Compact Foundation Duo Set is available at duty free shops until September 2017

Cover up by wearing lightweight clothing, hats and sunnies and avoid too much exposure when the sun is hottest between 11am and 3pm.

This Portia wide brimmed hat is available at Oliver Bonas airport stores.

Lastly, if you experience blistering or swelling, chills, fever or symptoms of heat stroke then it’s time to put away the aftersun gel and seek medical advice.

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Lacoste pops up at China Duty Free Mall in Haitang Bay



Fans of tennis and fashion should get down to Lacoste’s pop-up store in Haitang Bay, pronto. Running until 26 June at China Duty Free Mall in the CITS Haitang Bay Duty Free Shopping Complex, the concept celebrates both the French Open and the announcement of the new ambassador, Novak Djokovic.

Within the shop, an exhibition is dedicated to the legendary French tennis champion René Lacoste, a showcasing of the latest collection, and an interactive game. Here, customers can play tennis on digital screens for a chance to win a special gift.

Currently ranked number four in men’s singles tennis, Novak Djokovic joined Lacoste last month as the new brand ambassador. But his involvement goes beyond just fronting campaigns. The French clothing label worked with the 30-year-old Serbian to create the Novak Djokovic performance collection, which features pique polo shirts, shorts, a khaki blazer, trousers, and a zip jacket. Designed for both comfort and style, the range proudly bears Djokovic’s signature on the left sleeve of the polo shirt. So even if you’re not hitting the clay courts of Roland Garros anytime soon, you can still look – and feel – the part.

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Off To The Beach? Here’s A Last-Minute Outfit You Can Pull Together With Some Airport Shopping


Online travel specialists TravelBird have just released their annual Beach Price Index ranking over 300 beaches worldwide on the cost of spending one day at each.

Did you know that the most expensive beaches are in Norway? Or that Botany Bay in Kent is the UK’s least pricey beach? Or that Vietnam’s tropical shores came up as the most affordable in the world?

To calculate their affordability, the price of five essentials were researched for each destination: the cost of a bottle of sun cream (200 ml), a bottle of water (500 ml), a beer (33 cl bottle), lunch (including drink and dessert for one person), and an ice cream (vital). At Norway’s Kristiansand Beach, that shopping list would set you back the equivalent of USD$65.59. Whereas in Vietnam’s Cua Dai Beach, all of this would be yours for the princely sum of USD$13.37.

Of course, whether you’re headed to the world’s cheapest or most expensive beach, seaside fashion calls for rules of its own. Think casual and classic – but with a twist. These pineapple trunks by Ted Baker are the perfect example of tropical chic. Ditto the Havaianas (you really, really can’t go wrong with these no matter what colour you choose). A fresh white t-shirt will set off your tan, while a pair of Oakleys will set you apart from the knock-off Wayfarer crew. Lastly, a spritz of liquid sunshine by Sir Paul Smith and you’re ready for your Baywatch moment. All available at good airport shops.

1. Mango T-shirt 2. Oakley Sliver Sunglasses (travel shopping exclusive) 3. Ted Baker Ontima Pineapple Printed Swim Shorts 4. Havaianas Brasil Logo Flip Flops 5. Paul Smith Sunshine For Men Limited Edition Eau De Toilette available at World Duty Free

Announcing the winners of the PretAirporter Blogger of the Month Awards


To kick off the monthly PretAirporter Travel Shopping Blog Awards, we are delighted to showcase our very first winners.

Each month the best posts across beauty, fragrance, fashion, luxury, wines and spirits, are awarded a ticket in Dubai Duty Free’s Finest Surprise luxury car draw (offering the chance to win a fantastic latest model car) and a special PretAirporter award logo. The overall winner each month also receives a USD$300 cash prize, which this time goes to The Whisky Lady. Congratulations, Anne-Sophie!

The initiative will culminate in December with the PretAirporter Global Blogger of the Year Awards, featuring some outstanding cash, product prizes and winners’ trophies. The ultimate winner will also earn a paid stint as Editor-in-Residence at PretAirporter.

Blogger of the Month: Beauty

Breakeven London

Blog post: Tangle Teezer Summer & Disney

With a master’s degree in Fashion Journalism, Fani is displaying an equally masterful blogging ability. Born in Greece, she’s lived in London since 2010. Her blog includes helpful reviews of fashion and beauty products, along with the occasional foodie travel post. In this post, she champions the hair-taming abilities of a trusty Tangle Teezer. A product perfect for children and adults alike to keep unruly hair looking its best.

Blogger of the Month: Fragrance

The Candy Perfume Boy

Blog post: Speed Sniff: Nuit de Megève by Eight & Bob

When not drinking tea, playing with cats or annoying his boyfriend, Thomas – a.k.a. The Candy Perfume Boy – can be found indulging his passion for all things scented. Accompanied by his own comprehensive guide to the nuances and sciences of perfume, The Candy Perfume Boy writes detailed and evocative reviews of the latest perfumes on the block. The Speed Sniff reviews are particularly user-friendly, providing honest but concise opinions and making perfume accessible to the masses.

Blogger of the Month: Fashion

Happily Grey

Blog post: Subtle

Mary of Happily Grey writes a refreshing fashion blog, in that she doesn’t pretend to be an expert or dictate the latest trends. Rather she documents her daily moods and styles to provide inspiration for her followers. Her posts are complete with artistic photography and detailed descriptions of each outfit, explaining why they look so good. This post, titled subtle is anything but. And all the better for it.

Blogger of the Month: Luxury

SilverSpoon London

Blog post: Luxury Travel Tips: How To Plan The Perfect Honeymoon

Angie Silver travels the world in style. Her self-confessed wanderlust has taken her to places including: Europe, South East Asia, Australia, the USA, and South Africa. She’s always eager to try local cuisines and her blog often includes detailed restaurant reviews. Having married in 2014, she has personal insight into writing honeymoon advice. Her post provides handy tips on budgeting, destinations and even what to pack to ensure you look your best.

Blogger of the Month: Wines & Spirits

The Whisky Lady

Blog post: Weekly Whisky News Round-up

Dispelling the myth that whisky is only for middle-aged and older men, The Whisky Lady provides proof that anyone and everyone can appreciate it. When not blogging, Anne-Sophie works as a representative for French distilleries and estimates bottle prices for auction. So, she certainly knows a thing or two about whisky, the water of life. She also includes food pairings and recipes for each reviewed whisky. Her weekly round-up is a tidy information pack about the latest releases in the whisky world; accessible, informative and a valuable resource for any whisky enthusiast.

Vlogger of the Month

Niomi Smart

Post: Spring Look Book

25-year-old Niomi Smart first began vlogging in 2014. An all-rounder, Niomi’s vlogs consist of healthy recipes, lifestyle tips, travel, and fashion advice. Her comprehensive guide to the latest fashion shows you how to make the most out of your spring wardrobe – particularly if you live in the colder British climate. Her guide is complete with a store list so you can also go and buy that jacket.

Instagrammer of the Month


Mother of two Helen Janneson Bense is half Finnish, half Australian and lives in Western Australia. Having specialised in nutrigenomics and worked with children with autism spectrum disorders around the world, she whole-heartedly believes in a simple, loving way of life. Her Instagram is a gallery of beautiful travel shots and beach fashion inspiration.


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What’s in my carry-on bag? – Vivienne Tang, Wellness Editor

FEAT. Vivienne tang founder of destination deluxe (2)

Vivienne Tang wears many hats. When she’s not busy judging the Mr & Mrs Smith Hotel Awards, or running The Sanctuary in Hong Kong, she can be found writing and reviewing exotic spa retreats for Destination Deluxe, the travel and wellness publication that she launched in 2016.

As such, Tang spends a lot of time on the road – or more specifically, in airports. So who better to kick-start our new interview series? Without further ado, here are the five travel essentials that Tang swears by when travelling.

Subtle Energies Facial Blend

“It is deeply hydrating and promotes collagen and elastin production.  I always slather it on when I’m flying.”

Dr. Jackson’s Coconut Melt

“It’s 100% certified organic coconut oil and therefore solidifies in cooler temperatures. Perfect for dry lips and hands. This small 15ml is a great companion if you’re on the go.” Buttons earphones

“They’re not only super stylish, they’re also really comfortable. I always carry them with me.”

Charlotte Olympia Cat Nap Eye Mask

“This beautiful and quirky eye mask is silky soft. Ideal when you’re trying to get some shuteye.”


“I got mine in Turkey. It was a great souvenir and now accompanies me on all my travels. It keeps me warm on cold flights and doesn’t take up too much room in my bag.”

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11 Hot products to keep you cool as the temperature rises


On a hot day there are generally two main considerations when it comes to skincare (leaving aside for now the vitally important matter of UV protection): Trying to control shine and helping skin to feel comfortable. Luckily there are a whole slew of products out there that can help. Here are a few of our favourites.

Tailor-made for travel, M·A·C Cosmetics offers Sized To Go, a range of airport-friendly miniatures (30ml or less) which are super-handy and well worth knowing about, especially if you are a regular traveller.
The Green Gel Cleanser is an oil-controlling foam that leaves skin tingling with freshness thanks to extracts of cucumber and algae. As well as controlling sebum production, it also minimises the appearance of pores.



From the same Sized To Go range, the Oil Control Lotion offers lightweight hydration and a no-shine base. This oil-free moisturiser contains natural colloidal minerals and anti-oxidants and is formulated to be used day or night.

The last thing you want on a hot day is to overload your skin with heavy products. So our advice is: Don’t. Proving popular in Asia Pacific travel shopping at the moment is the Lancôme Hydra Zen Anti-Stress moisturising set. Comprising Hydra Zen Anti-Stress Moisturising Beauty Essence; Moisturising Gel Essence and Moisturising Cream-Gel, the set is perfect for sensitive skin which tends to suffer more in the heat. The feather-light textures are instantly absorbed, visibly improving the effects of environmental and emotional stress and adding intense hydration.

Designed to be used post-workout, we think that Origins Hit Refresh Cooling Moisturiser with Hawaiian Mineral Water works equally well as a hot weather hydrator. This body moisturiser is a water-based cream gel which cools on contact with the skin. A blend of wild mint, spearmint and eucalyptus essential oils provide an invigorating hit. The nutrients and minerals in the Hawaiian mineral water replace those lost through sweat, keeping skin hydrated.

It’s not just the fabulous packaging that has earned Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel a place on our list. Honestly. With a tiny iron-shaped applicator, this gel cools on contact with the delicate skin around the eyes, smoothing, de-puffing and reducing dark circles as it goes. Squeeze a dot of product under each eye and then smooth and cool with the ‘iron’.


Sunshine bottled: La Prairie Radiance Perfecting Fluide Pure Gold is like having flattering lighting constantly on tap. For many of us, hot weather is not the most forgiving of conditions, we can often end up looking red, blotchy and shiny. Radiance Perfecting Fluide improves the skin’s texture, revitalising, rejuvenating and adding radiance with real gold flakes, so that we always appear in our best light.

A good mattifier is a key tool in any summer kit. Estée Lauder The Mattifier Shine Control Perfecting Primer + Finisher is, as the name suggests, a primer and finisher in one. This means that your complexion is smoothed, pores and fine lines are minimised all whilst keeping oil and shine under control. It can be applied throughout the day whenever the need arises.

For perfecting coverage without the need for a heavy foundation, bare Minerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream SPF30 PA+++ is our secret weapon of choice. Described as a combination of a BB cream, a CC cream and a tinted moisturiser it contains marine botanicals and coconut-derived ingredients to give skin a healthy glow. Top tip: choose a slightly darker shade than your natural skin tone to give your complexion a flattering sun-kissed look.

We love the idea of relaxing in a cool, darkened room at the end of a long hot day wearing only an Origins Raspberry Refreshing Sheet Mask. Part of the Flower Fusion Hydrating Sheet Mask range, the Raspberry version is formulated to ‘refresh the skin and senses’. Made from 100% natural bamboo, the mask contains pure flower extracts and natural essential oils.

If you can keep your cool when all about you are losing theirs (with apologies to Rudyard Kipling) you’ve probably discovered the wondrous La Mer The Mist. A quick spritz of this reviving mist gives an immediate feeling of coolness and calm and does your skin good too. It contains an ‘internal magnet’ that continuously charges the marine-based ingredients to keep them at their most effective.

Taking sun protection to a whole new level is La Roche-Posay UV patch. A wearable piece of technology, this clever little fellow (a heart-shaped patch measuring a square inch and half the thickness of an average human hair) can be worn anywhere on the body. The electronics inside the patch monitor and measure your UV exposure. By scanning the patch via an app you can check your personal UV exposure and receive tips on how to stay safe in the sun.


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First look: B&O PLAY launches new noise cancelling headphones Beoplay E4


We’ve all been there. Seat 22B besides a screaming toddler, or stuck behind a contender for World’s Loudest Snorer. The truth is, no matter how comfortable the extra-wide plane seat or how engrossing the in-flight entertainment is, there’s not an awful lot we can do about the noise pollution on flights. Even on trains which have designated quiet carriages, it’s hard to enforce the rule if someone decides they simply must shout “I’m on the train” down a phone.

So what to do?

Well, you could write a bitter blog post about it. Or you could invest in a decent pair of active noise cancelling in-ear headphones. For £229 at Dixons airport stores, you can get yourself the latest Beoplay E4 from B&O PLAY which launches today.

Click through for a detailed look 

Available in black, Beoplay E4 comes with a charging cable, flight adapter, four different silicone ear tips, one pair of Comply Memory Foam Ear Tips and a travel drawstring bag. It’s a stylish and understated piece of kit from the Danish audio brand, which makes it perfect for those who wouldn’t be seen dead wearing those big, on-ear headphones beloved by hipsters.

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Celebrate World Cucumber Day with Hendrick’s gin


Is a cucumber a fruit or a vegetable? If you correctly placed cucumbers in the fruit family, then you’re probably aware of this rule of thumb: seeds = fruit, seedless = vegetable. Now there’s a fun fact you probably weren’t expecting to learn today. But then again, you probably didn’t realise it’s World Cucumber Day either.

The brainchild of Hendrick’s gin, World Cucumber Day is now in its ninth year. Bars across the globe will be taking part in the celebrations with unusual drinks offers – some establishments are even accepting the humble cucumber as currency in exchange for a Hendrick’s & Tonic. In addition to these promotions, green-fingered enthusiasts are signing up for Hendrick’s cucumber-growing experiments or adopting a cucumber virtually through Facebook. You can also check out how our sister website, The Moodie Davitt Report, is “cultivating the unusual” today with Hendrick’s…

But most importantly, World Cucumber Day is the perfect excuse to kick back with a drink in hand. So if you’re travelling through major airports today, look out for the distinctive Hendrick’s Cucumber Crank, which turns whole cucumbers into thin ribbons of garnish, ready to be enjoyed in a refreshing Hendrick’s & Tonic. Beyond signature cocktails, some airports are also offering free gifts. Singapore Changi Airport is giving away a cucumber scented candle with every two bottles purchased, while at Dublin Airport and London Luton Airport, customers will receive a beautifully styled fan.

Lastly, don’t forget to share your cucumber appreciation with us using #WorldCucumberDay and #PretAirporter.

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How To Stay Looking Good On A Long Haul Flight


As we approach high summer, thoughts turn to exotic holidays and all the challenges that come with flying long haul. After all, spending hours in the sky with cabin air and limited access to hot water is bound to challenge even the most low-maintenance beauty regime. The key, as we all know, is to drink plenty of water. But beyond good ol’ H2O, there’s a whole arsenal of beauty products that can help you look your best when you step off the plane.

LUSH 9-5 Cleansing Lotion

For a good, thorough cleanser that doesn’t need water, it’s hard to beat the 9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion by LUSH. Made from almond oil and dove orchid cleansing milk, this smells lovely and lifts away all dirt and make-up from your face. Simply rub in circular motions over the skin, then wipe away with a cotton pad or a warm flannel. What’s more, the blend of floral essential oils leaves your skin brightened, cleansed, and soothed.

Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum 30caps

Exclusive to travel shoppers, this Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum (30caps) is a neat solution to an age-old question: Exactly how much serum is too much serum? Each of these golden capsules contains just the right amount needed for your cleansed face and neck. To open the capsules, simply twist the tab around twice and squeeze onto fingertips. 

Now available at World Duty Free stores

Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Travel Exclusive Kit

Even though you won’t be doing a 14-step Korean beauty routine in the plane bathroom, that doesn’t mean to say that the basic tenets of beauty (cleanse, moisturise, use SPF) should be neglected. In fact, dermatologists say it is an absolute must to wear sunscreen when you fly because of the UV radiation caused by elevation. The new Shiseido Benefiance WrinkleResist24 Travel Exclusive Kit includes: a 30ml Extra Creamy Cleansing Foam, a 30ml WR24 Balancing Softener Enriched, a 30ml WR24 Day Cream SPF15, and an exclusive WR24 Pure Retinol Express Smoothing Eye Mask free gift. The softening lotion and day cream will form the basis of your in-flight regime, so apply liberally before take-off. However, the foaming cleanser is best left to those who turn left when boarding (with their access to roomy business class sinks and all). 

Now available at World Duty Free stores

Sudocrem skin care cream

Sudocrem – yes, the grey tub of nappy cream – has been given a convenient make-over in the form of these 30g handbag-sized tubes. It’s not sexy, but we guarantee you won’t regret packing it. Use it as a face mask (apply a thin layer on the face last thing at night), moisturiser, spot cream, or to treat any of those inexplicable rashes that always pop up on holiday.

Now available in selected airport shops


Colgate® ProClinical® Pocket-Pro®

For all their benefits, electric toothbrushes have always proven tricky to take on trips. There’s the issue of bringing the little charging platform, remembering the right adaptor – not to mention trying to keep the brush head clean when traditional toothbrush cases just won’t fit. Which is why this Colgate model is a game changer. A small but powerful electric toothbrush, it comes with its own travel case and a USB port to charge it (just plug it into your in-seat USB port). 

Now available in selected airport shops

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo Dark Tones

Moroccanoil Dry Shampoo – which is available in two formulas, for dark hair tones and for light hair tones – is going to be your new best friend. This award-winning product contains ultra-fine rice starch, which absorbs any oil in the hair and removes odour. The result is fresh, bouncy hair that looks like you’ve just stepped out of the shower. And if you happen to be going anywhere sunny, you’ll be pleased to know that it also protects against UV damage to your hair. 

Now available in duty free


To Kick Off London Wine Week, We Pick The Best Wines To Buy At London Airports

c0349caf40d46697b4082d1a8d6c0cbaCredit: DrinkUp.London

London Wine Week starts today and will run until 11 June. Showcasing the very best in food and wine across the capital, this seven-day summer festival is packed with pop-up wine bars, al fresco brunches, Champagne dinners and even an entire pop-up vineyard in East London. If you’re in town, we’d highly recommend grabbing your festival pass from DrinkUp.London, and then heading down to any of the 125 fantastic bars serving £5 wine tasting flights and Sip & Snack pairings.

Credit: DrinkUp.London

If, sadly, you’re on your way out of town, then at least join us in spirit. To that end, we’ve done the legwork for you and found which wines are worth stocking up on at London’s airports – from a cheap and cheerful rosé to a premium English sparkling wine.


1. Furleigh Estate Classic Reserve 2010

We had to include this refined English sparkling wine, made in the stunning Dorset countryside. Hand-picked grapes, including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier (the same varieties used to make most Champagnes) are then whole-bunched pressed to obtain just the finest juice. After 9 months of initial fermentation, the young wine is bottled with additional yeast and allowed to ferment again. Over the next four years, the wine matures naturally on lees – creating that distinct, autolytic character; notes of apple crumble, buttery toast and a hint of umami porcini. The wine has an appealing pale gold core with delicate bubbles and a seductive aroma of roasted hazelnuts and toasted brioche with sweet hints of butterscotch. The mouth-feel is rich and creamy, with a persistent mousse. Beautifully complex, this fizz has a medium palate and deliciously lingering finish, perfect for any special occasion.

2. Penfolds Kalimna Bin 28 Shiraz

Named after the Kalimna Vineyard in the panoramic Barossa Valley, Bin 28 is actually a multi-region, multi-vineyard blend, which is beautifully balanced. This South Australian wine has strong aromas of tangy red berries and hints of sweet cherries. The palate is juicy yet fresh, with supple tannins and a generous mouth-feel. Berries dominate, with accents of milk chocolate and gentle spice.


3. Henri Gaillard Cote de Provence Rosé

This wine, from the South west of France, is an exceptionally good value rosé. It has been carefully macerated and fermented in temperature controlled conditions. The terroir is a mixture of red clay soil, chalk, gravel, silty alluvia and sandstone, producing notes of tart red fruits with a touch of spice. Light pink with purple hues, this wine makes for elegant summer drinking.


4. Numanthia 2011 Numanthia

This signature wine from the Numanthia Estate in Toro, Spain, is made from carefully harvested Tempranillo grapes. The aroma has a fruity complexity, with strawberry, fig and hints of balsamic giving way to coffee, light tobacco and spice. 18 months maturing in French oak barrels has brought suppleness to the tannins, creating an unctuous mouthfeel, as well as nuances of cedar and liquorice. This full-bodied and well-balanced wine has a generous finish with accents of dark chocolate and spice. It’s certainly worth buying a few more bottles for the cellar, as this red has great ageing potential.



5. Hospices de Colmar Riesling

There’s a reason Riesling is a favourite among wine connoisseurs and this is a bright illustration why. Bursting with citrus, this pale lemon wine has a surprisingly weighty mouth feel. Accents of elderflower and an undertone of minerality bring complexity to this crisp and refreshing white. Perfect with seafood or a tasty goats’ cheese salad. Just add friends and sunshine.

 6. Brancott Estate Letter Series ‘T’ Marlborough Pinot Noir

From the hills of Brancott Estate, Marlborough, comes this intense and complex Pinot Noir. The aroma of this New Zealand wine is full of ripe red fruits, with violet accents and hints of savoury spice and oak. The fine tannins provide a generous mouth feel, whilst rich plum and cherry flavours dominate the palate. This wine has a spicy complexity and velvety chocolate finish.


 7. Bolla Amarone della Valpolicella

125 years of winemaking experience spells heritage and class. This powerful Italian beauty is a timeless classic. With a deep burgundy colour, Bolla Amarone has an aroma full of sweet berries and accents of spice and oak. With a structured, weighty mouth feel, this wine has a rich palate of black cherries, and a lingering spiced, dark chocolate finish. A great accompaniment to a barbecue – come rain or shine.


All wines available at World Duty Free




Runway Bar Takes Flight in Hong Kong

Hong Kong -Pearl Harbour 01

Ever wanted to go on holiday without having to travel anywhere? Well now you can, as a new bar concept promises to transport you for the evening. Runway, a kitsch 1950s aeroplane themed establishment has opened on Wyndham Street in Central, Hong Kong. The new venue aims to transport customers all around the world with global drinks and dishes; complete with retro plane-themed interior design and lively music.

Tour around the globe without leaving your seat at Runway

The decor includes metal structures, propellers, leather and wood to recreate that jet-set experience. Plane wings even make up the bar, which is covered in a world map lit with LEDs – literally highlighting the origins of Runway’s dishes. At the weekends, the bar is also host to the resident DJ Mojito.

Runway’s signature cocktail, The Pearl Harbour, was inspired by the popular local dessert, Yeung Chi Gum Lo or Mango and Pomelo Sago pudding. It’s a sweet combination of rum, mango, pomelo and tiramisu flavoured syrup, topped with sago and decorated with a raw cocoa rim. Three Priority Landing G&Ts also feature on the menu; Butterfly Pea Flower (a purple Asian bloom) is used to infuse the gin with a distinct botanical flavour. One such drink was created by Gin Jubilee 2016 Hong Kong Champion Tomi Ho.

Mango and pomelo sago pudding in a glass

The food menu consists of sharing plates, inspired by eight different countries. Examples include, Air Speed Gambas (Spanish garlic prawns), Thai Engine Charred Pork (braised pork neck served with herbs, tomato, papaya and nam jim dressing), and Indian Traffic Pattern Kofta served with flat bread and yoghurt dip. And if you’ve still got room for dessert, there’s Booming Coconut Pudding which comes in a coconut shell with chia seeds and truffle ice cream.

Booming Coconut Pudding with chia seeds and truffle ice cream.

So buckle your seat belt and enjoy the ride at this new Hong Kong bar.

Shop B, Ground Floor, Carfield Commercial Building, 75–77 Wyndham Street, Central District, Hong Kong
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Cultural exchange: Chinese blogger Magic Yang on ‘The Beauty of Thailand’

Magic YangChinese fashion and lifestyle blogger Magic Yang

Sense of place: for the uninitiated this is the art of imbuing an identikit international airport with the standout characteristics of its wider location. Not so much what lies beneath as what lies outside.

The Kingdom of Thailand has more than its fair share of wonders from the floating markets to the Grand Palace, the beaches, the food, the people…How to distil all that into the shopping area of an airport terminal? How to avoid the bland catch-all and instead offer an inviting microcosm of the idiosyncrasies of the place?

We all, from the business traveller to the annual holiday-makers to the gap year adventurers, love a souvenir. A reminder of a place ticked off the world map, of cultures experienced. More and more, airports and retailers are tapping into this potential. In the current climate of globalisation, it still means something to have travelled to another land.


One recent example saw Shiseido and King Power International Company (Thailand) using influencer marketing to engage with travellers. The collaboration promoted the delights of Thailand while at the same time raising Shiseido brand awareness.

The campaign included social media and digital content, in-store promotions and exclusive Shiseido products available only at King Power Thailand stores. With Thailand a popular overseas destination for Chinese tourists, this campaign sought to engage with Chinese Millennials in particular.


Thai artist Riety Darisa K
Chinese fashion and lifestyle blogger Magic Yang

A leading Chinese fashion and lifestyle blogger, Magic Yang, stars alongside Thai artist Riety Darisa K, in an accompanying film ‘The Beauty of Thailand’ in which the two influencers take a tour of the Thai capital Bangkok. A star of social media in her homeland, Magic Yang’s loyal fan base of Chinese Millennials follow her for her personal style which is inspired by her love of travel and adventure and the places she visits. In the build-up to the official launch of the Shiseido/King Power campaign in April, Magic Yang posted exclusive behind-the-scenes pictures of her trip to announce her involvement and shared the film across her hugely popular Weibo and WeChat accounts.

Eagle-eyed viewers will be able to spot subtle Shiseido product placement in the film. The three favourite Shiseido products of Magic Yang: Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate; Perfect UV Protector SPF 50+; Rouge Rouge all feature.

Signature Shiseido: The pop-up store in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport (above) and in the King Power Srivaree Complex store downtown (below)


In tandem with the influencer’s digital content, King Power Thailand’s main store at Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and the King Power Srivaree Complex (downtown) store played host to pop-up Shiseido stores building on the sense of place. A photo booth installation allowed travellers to personalise their photos with Riety’s Thai-inspired visuals which were then printed onto customised luggage tags. Complimentary skincare treatments and lip makeovers were also available.

Smile for the camera: A photo booth gave travellers the chance to create a bespoke ‘Beauty of Thailand’ luggage tag

Centre stage was an exclusive Shiseido skincare set curated by Magic Yang with bespoke packaging designed by Riety. The limited edition set, available only at King Power Thailand stores, contains Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate for Face and Perfect UV Protector SPF50+/PA++++.

A sense of exclusivity: The limited-edition set curated by Magic Yang and designed by Riety

Customers spending THB 14,000 or more were eligible for a ‘The Beauty of Thailand’ cosmetic bag and for those spending over THB16,000 a Shiseido tote bag was offered as an additional gift with purchase.

As part of the installation, Riety created three artworks depicting the traditional and modern facets of Thailand:


Riety: “Classic Thailand is inspired by the different religions, races and art that flourished throughout its rich multicultural history”
“In order to bring the heavenly plane of Swarga Loka to life, I drew from an opulent palette of colours and textures”
“To convey the energy of Bangkok’s dynamic modernity, I chose its tallest structure – the MahaNakhon building”

King Power International Senior Executive Vice President Susan Whelan explained: “We are passionate about sharing the Kingdom of Thailand’s rich history and unique culture with the world, and we have been instrumental in developing and supporting cultural initiatives throughout this time. This exciting collaboration initiated by Shiseido perfectly encapsulates the wonders of Thailand as seen through the eyes of our talented home-grown artist Riety and prominent social media personality Magic Yang. We are delighted with this opportunity to not only strengthen our long partnership with Shiseido, but also enhance our all-important tourism links with key visitors from China.”

Shiseido Travel Retail Vice-President Marketing Elisabeth Jouguelet noted: “Thailand is one of the most popular destinations for Chinese tourists – it is not only a beautiful and enthralling country but a true retail destination in its own right. Through our strong partnership with King Power International and collaboration with Riety and Magic Yang, we have been able to create a platform which brings a genuine Sense of Place to our retail activation.”

If you happen to be passing through Bangkok in the next couple of days, there’s still chance to enrich your trip with a visit to the pop-up stores which run until 31 May.


The Rum Diaries: Sydney Airport plays host to Appleton Estate Jamaica Rum


Together with Heinemann, Sydney International Airport has indulged travellers with a month-long campaign to promote the rum range of Jamaica’s oldest continuously operating distillery: Appleton Estate. The Estate, which remains largely unchanged since its inception in 1749, now boasts 267 years of heritage. That is quite a vintage.

Mixing up this history into a thoroughly in-the-moment, mouth-watering Mule, travellers watched experts blend the Appleton Estate Signature Blend with aromatic lime wedges and ginger beer to create an Appleton Estate Jamaican Mule. Which they then got to sample. Let the holiday begin.

Along with the Appleton Estate Signature Blend (a blend of 15 different aged rums), the Estate also produces Appleton Estate Reserve Blend, which boasts a blend of no less than 20 different aged rums including two from “very rare reserve stocks”; Appleton Estate Rare Blend 12 Year Old; and the brand’s premium offering, Appleton Estate 21 Year Old Jamaica Rum, aged for a minimum of 21 years.

Promising a taste of Jamaican paradise wherever you travel: The Rare Blend gift set proved popular with Sydney Airport consumers

So what is the secret to Appleton Estate’s enduring success? Location is one major factor: The topography of Jamaica’s Cockpit Country is one of only three Karst formations in the world, surrounded by mountains and 2,000ft above sea level. The water for Appleton’s distillery comes from a natural blue limestone spring. The microclimate of the area (which apparently is found in only two other locations in the world) means that the Appleton Estate can produce more than ten different types of sugar cane. Which leads us on to the next secret of its success: The skill of the Master Blender in creating the final flavour of the rum.

The current Appleton Estate Master Blender, responsible for selecting the barrels for each blend, is Joy Spence. Now in her 35th year in the spirits industry and her 20th as a Master Blender, she is the first woman to hold the position of Master Blender in the spirits industry.

And if that alone isn’t worth drinking to, I don’t know what is.