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What To Buy When You Next Fly British Airways


By now, I have my plane ritual down pat. I find my seat, buckle up, and flick through the airline magazine before take-off. I’ll usually give a cursory glance at the duty free catalogue too (what can I say, journalistic research never ends) but nothing has ever inspired me to wave down a flight attendant and say “Yes, please!” when they ask “Duty free?”

I prefer to take my time spraying, sniffing, and sampling products with my feet planted firmly on the airport ground. But on a recent flight to Gibraltar, I happened to pick up British Airways’ High Life Shop magazine and was struck by the calibre of the selection.

NIOD Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8% for £17? I’ll take two. Conde Nast Traveller called it “the Facetune App for skin in liquid form”, so out goes my primer/foundation/bronzer in favour of this nifty find. It’s perfect for getaways when you want a light coverage to enhance – not hide – that holiday glow.

NIOD Photography Fluid Tan Opacity 8%

And what’s more, that wasn’t the only hero product on offer.

For men, the Bentley fragrances (exclusive to British Airways) are a great choice. I gave the Bentley Infinite to my dad and he loves regaling me with tales of all the compliments he receives while wearing it. Though you better hurry, as it’s only available until the end of August.


Bentley Infinite EDT

As for wellbeing, both of the Fountain supplements (The Phyto-Collagen Molecule and The Super Hyaluronic Molecule) are fast becoming cult classics already. Spearheading the ‘beauty drinks’ revolution, Fountain has been lauded by celebrities and nutrition experts alike as the holy grail of anti-ageing. There’s an extra saving if you buy both, but if you’ve only got room for one in your hand-carry, opt for The Super Hyaluronic Molecule which comes with an incredible 769% more Hyaluronic Acid than the brand’s original offering.

Fountain The Super Hyaluronic Molecule
Fountain The Phyto-Collagen Molecule


Lastly, if you’re in the market for something a little more decadent then it doesn’t get much better than The Renewal Oil by La Mer. It’s only available for onboard delivery, so you’ll need to buy via the website before you fly. It actually works out rather well. Free delivery direct to your seat means that you can skip the wait for duty free service and apply the oil as soon as possible for maximum benefit during the flight. Fans of facial oils will know how intensely moisturising they are for aeroplane skin, and this silken formula takes hydration to the next level. Just warm up a few drops between your hands and sweep across your face before take-off.

La Mer The Renewal Oil

Bonus tip: if the flight you’re on happens to run out of any products you’d like to buy, you can ring High Life Shop on +44 (0)370 241 0777 and order it for the same price with free delivery using your boarding pass details.

Tess Harold
written by: Tess Harold
Born in Hong Kong, Tess currently lives in London where she is Editor at PretAirporter. Over the course of her career, she has worked for the likes of Stylist, The Telegraph, Prestige Hong Kong, Asia Spa and Harper’s Bazaar UK.