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The Shiseido guide to eye cream will turn your routine into a treat


Using eye cream every day is one those beauty rules that gives me a nagging sense of dread. There’s so much implicit fear-mongering in telling young women that they will look haggard and aged unless they start using this product yesterday. You’re 26? Sorry, it’s already too late and you are irrevocably skin damaged.

So don’t consider this a PSA warning you off crow’s feet and laughter lines. Laugh away.

Instead, this is for those who enjoy pampering themselves with beauty treatments, women for whom an evening cleansing ritual is their time to relax. To that end, Shiseido has come up with a handy guide to get the most out of your eye cream application.

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PretAirporter’s Dos and Don’ts of Eye Cream

DO tap and/or massage

Use a small amount of product (about the size of a grain of rice) underneath each eye using your ring finger since it has the lightest touch. Try tapping or massaging in sweeping strokes as above.

DON’T pull at your skin

Regardless of wrinkles, this is just plain uncomfortable for your delicate eye area.

DO let it sink in

In the mornings, leave it about a minute before putting on make-up after you’ve applied your eye cream.

DON’T put on too much

Remember, rice-sized. Putting on more product doesn’t make it more effective. A dot on the brow bone and about half an inch below your eye is the perfect placement.

The new Shiseido Future Solution LX range will launch in August and includes the Eye & Lip Contour Regenerating Cream Duo travel exclusive set.

Tess Harold
written by: Tess Harold
Born in Hong Kong, Tess currently lives in London where she is Editor at PretAirporter. Over the course of her career, she has worked for the likes of Stylist, The Telegraph, Prestige Hong Kong, Asia Spa and Harper’s Bazaar UK.