Take dirt (and years) off your skin with the new Clarisonic Smart Profile Uplift


Doing double duty seems the normal for skincare and make-up these days – you’ve got cleansing foams that exfoliate, make-up with skincare qualities, and what-nots. Now, say hello to Clarisonic’s new Smart Profile Uplift, a gadget that not only thoroughly cleanses your skin, but also firms and lifts your face, neck and décolleté. The product is available now in the US domestic market and will be rolled out to travel shopping locations in June.

When used twice daily over a 12-week period, clinical tests have shown users experiencing visible improvement of 15 signs of ageing –  firmness, sagging, wrinkles on both the face and cheeks, forehead and lip area fine lines, radiance, neck folds, smoothness, and more. What’s particularly impressive is that these improvements were said to take place on the face, neck and décolleté.

Now if you haven’t yet heard of Clarisonic, the brand’s cleansing devices utilise a patented sonic frequency technology (it is more gentle than a rotary brush, and doesn’t place unnecessary “pulling” on the skin). This technology allows its brush heads to more efficiently purge your skin of the day’s accumulated dirt and grime.  No wonder it’s the most recommended cleansing device by US dermatologists and has fans in millions of consumers and skincare professionals worldwide.

Joining its current repertoire of devices (Mia 2, Mia Fit, Smart Profile) is the new Smart Profile Uplift. Now what makes this newbie different is that it features a new sonic frequency based on mechanobiology that delivers skin firming benefits. The gadget also has a specially-designed silicon Firming Massage Head (for use with your daily skincare) that produces 27,000 micro-firming massages over a short span of three minutes.

How to use

It’s a simple 2-step regime with the Smart Profile Uplift – first, cleanse your skin by affixing the Revitalising Cleanse Brush Head to the gadget. Using your usual foam cleanser, all you need is 80 seconds, and you’ll receive a gentle cleansing experience that removes make-up and sunscreen 6x better than hand washing.

Next, change over to the Firming Massage Head, which be used with your skincare creams, serums and oils to boost absorption rate. Used just three minutes a day for 12 weeks, 92% of the respondents in the clinical tests thought their skin felt more moisturised, with visible improvement to skin quality and texture.

Cheryl Chio
written by: Cheryl Chio