Master The Art of Make-Up With These Beauty Products


Make-up has often been compared to war paint, but that’s doing a grave disservice to cosmetics. After all, there’s a reason industry professionals are called make-up artists. Watch a woman apply her morning routine on the train and tell me there’s no art in it. See how she blends two foundations to get the exact shade she needs, or note the simple efficiency with which she draws a cat eye flick. This is not the indiscriminate camouflage smeared on before a battle; this is a painter’s precision brought to life on the canvas of her face.

Plus, it makes her look pretty.

So to spark some artistic inspiration in your own make-up bag, we’ve found the beauty products available in duty free and travel retail that look like they’ve come straight out of an artist’s studio.

Choosing a paintbrush requires a good understanding of what each brush does and it’s exactly the same for make-up. Cosmetic brushes come in various shapes and sizes, each with a different purpose in mind. This travel-sized brush set features a blush brush, an eyeshadow brush, and wide contour eyeshadow brush, so it’s all you need to create a a wide variety of looks.

Not strictly make-up, but these tubes of lip balm looked too much like paint tubes for us to resist. Each flavour comes in its own individual bos, which makes this a great souvenir purchase to dole out to friends. The travel exclusive set includes four lip balms: original, mango, cranberry, and pear.

Inspired by Asian calligraphy brushes, this Shu Uemura Calligraph:ink liquid eyeliner lets you draw lines 0.05mm sharp to 2.0mm bold with precise control and accuracy. Best of all, it’s water-proof, sweat-proof, long-wearing and comes in a refillable pen casing.

This exclusive collection of Clinique Pop lipsticks by Jonathan Adler includes three limited-edition shades inspired by his favourite destinations: Palm Beach Pop, Capri Pop and Santorini Pop. “The domes of Lucite are inspired by my Globo collection – glowing and glamorous. Just like Lip Pop,” says Adler. This Clinique + Jonathan Adler Clinique Pop Lip Colour in ‘Melon Pop’ is as pigmented as an oil pastel, and just as conducive to creativity.

The Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet is available in 18 shades and is almost like acrylic paint in its depth of colour and coverage. Apply with the calligraphic applicator (patent pending) to pick up just the right amount of product and use the tip as you would a liner brush.

Tess Harold
written by: Tess Harold
Born in Hong Kong, Tess currently lives in London where she is Editor at PretAirporter. Over the course of her career, she has worked for the likes of Stylist, The Telegraph, Prestige Hong Kong, Asia Spa and Harper’s Bazaar UK.