The laws of attraction: Lip Magnet pulls in the fans


It reportedly sold out in its first week in Selfridges so get ready to stock up as Lip Magnet comes to the travel shopping channel. The innovative formula sounds like exactly what we’ve been waiting for from a lip product: amazing colour that stays where it’s supposed to and lasts all day but feels like you’re wearing nothing. Lip nirvana!


The story goes that the idea for Lip Magnet came from two existing Giorgio Armani Beauty products: Maestro Fusion Makeup and Lip Maestro Velvet Lipcolor. As Giorgio Armani International Make-up Artist Linda Cantello explained: “Lip Magnet gives the intense vibrant colour of Lip Maestro, but with the weightlessness of Maestro Fusion Make-up. Its revolutionary formula allows for an extremely long-lasting finish with the lightweight sensation of a second skin.”

So how does it work? Well, for starters it claims to be the first inverted emulsion in a liquid lipstick and a genuine technological innovation. The ‘water in oil’ emulsion contains a blend of water, fine oils and pigments. Once the product is applied, the water gradually evaporates, a silicone polymer fuses the oils and pigments and the wearer is left with an intense, lightweight colour.

A calligraphic applicator (patent pending) picks up the right amount of product while the tip acts as a liner/definer

With a finish described as four times thinner than a regular liquid lip colour, the end result is a non-sticky matte colour which lasts for up to eight hours, keeping lips hydrated and defined and feeling as though they are bare. (See how often you are tempted to sneak to the bathroom to check it’s still on!).

Available in 18 shades from nude to deep burgundy, the colour palette includes three corals, four reds, eight pinks, three plums – meaning there should be one to suit every mood, occasion and skin tone.

Dressed in signature Armani elegance, the Lip Magnet vial has been inspired by perfume flacons: A lacquered cap and the Giorgio Armani Beauty logo complete the look

Director of L’Oréal Luxe Make-up Laboratories Véronique Roulier and Giorgio Armani International Make-up Artist Linda Cantello give us the product low-down in six quick questions:

What are the benefits of an inverted emulsion for a lipstick?

VR: Thanks to its continuous oil phase, and the volatility of part of the formula, this technology allows a higher quantity of pigments than a direct emulsion; for greater intensity and coverage, and to obtain a thinner film.

In what way is it an exceptional formula?

VR: It is an exceptional formula by virtue of the exceptional properties that have been brought together: a fine, weightless film able to ‘fuse’ with lips and also deliver intense, long-lasting colour.

Lip Magnet is characterised by its extremely fine texture: how was this feat achieved?

VR: Lip Magnet has such a light texture because almost half of the formula is volatile. Its finesse also comes from selecting of oils with a low-molecular weight that are both fine, light and have good glide.

What is the novelty of the applicator? In what way has it created a new application technique?

VR: A patent has been filed for this applicator. Not only does it feature a new design, but, together with the new formula, it allows for an extremely thin application. Thanks to the partial placement of bristles, after any excess has been removed, the centre of the brush remains lightly loaded to deliver just the right amount of product.

LC: The triangular shape and textured applicator allow for a very precise contour and application in an even film, that can be layered if desired.

How did you succeed in combining an extremely fine texture with lasting intensity of colour?

VR: Upon application, the volatile substances in the formula evaporate, the deposit on the lips thins and the colour becomes more concentrated, which intensifies the final result. The ‘Fusion’ polymer forms supple anchorage points on the surface of the lips for make-up that remains intense and homogeneous all day long.

LC: The texture is as thin as Lip Maestro but with an intense payoff. Because it’s long-lasting, it’s perfect for shoots, shows and everyday life.

18 shades are available, from coral to pink including red and plum: how did you create such a wide ‘palette’ of colours?

LC: This formula is so innovative, it actually helps the purity of each colour family, which is sometimes not the case with other lip formulas that contain a lot of fillers. That is why we could create such a large colour range!

Clare Austin
written by: Clare Austin
With a background in fashion and beauty journalism for magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar Clare is a beauty enthusiast whose pulse quickens whenever a new product hits the shelves.