Me, myself and Ipsa: The Japanese skincare range that likes to get personal

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For those of us who appreciate a bit of intellectual stimulation along with our morning cleanser, let’s start with the name. Ipsa is derived from the Latin word ipse meaning myself. A fitting moniker for a brand which promises bespoke prestige skincare ‘recipes’ tailored to the particular needs of individual complexions.

Established in Japan in 1987, Ipsa has long been a favourite among discerning customers across Japan, China and Asia Pacific and we are now excited to announce its imminent arrival in travel shopping.

A thing of beauty: Ipsa Time Reset Aqua is a moisturiser with benefits

It has a particularly notable following among Chinese millennials. Millennial skin is the most photographed in history. Under more scrutiny than ever before, filters aren’t always the answer and while make-up can fake and flatter there’s no substitute for having a radiant complexion.

A generation constantly photographing and being photographed, posting and documenting has caused a boom in the advancement of skincare technology which is leading to ever more sophisticated formulas, textures and results. Reportedly displaying much more responsible attitudes than those practised by their parents’ generation, the millennials are health-conscious consumers, prepared to invest time and money in the pursuit of good skin from eating clean to using multi-step cleansing routines (with a focus on natural ingredients).

Of course millennials don’t have the monopoly on skincare advancements: We can all benefit from the latest innovations driven by their global influence.

Ipsa has won a loyal fanbase by focusing on analysing the skin of each individual and offering a bespoke skincare regime. Trained professional beauty consultants use the Ipsalyzer (Ipsa’s super-hero sounding signature skin diagnosis tool) to analyse your skin, taking into account such factors as moisture content and sebum secretion levels, natural skin type and environmental damage. Using the data collected, a bespoke beauty ‘recipe’ is devised using products that have been chosen to cater to your specific needs.

The Ipsa range comprises Basic Care products and Customise Care products that can be mixed and matched to meet individual requirements in line with the brand’s philosophy of “making the most of personality and characteristics”.

Bottle bank: The Metabolizer beauty fluid, already a best-seller across Asia, is available in 17 different formulae

Two of the hero products to look out for are the Metabolizer (from the Basic Care range) and Time Reset Aqua (from Customise Care).

The Metabolizer is an Ipsa icon having been part of the collection from the brand’s 1987 inception. The current version is the eighth generation update, available in 17 different variations, each designed to address a specific metabolic condition. This skin-enhancing beauty fluid has been formulated through ‘intense research and development’ to stabilise the skin’s metabolic cycle by inhibiting damaging anti-metabolic enzymes triggered by such environmental factors as UV rays and pollution. The aim is to restore the skin’s natural metabolic balance to promote a dewy and radiant complexion.

The Customize Care range offers products fine-tuned to deal with specifics such as dryness, ageing and UV damage. The sculptural beauty of Time Reset Aqua is a perfect illustration of those twin pillars of our favourite Japanese skincare lines: cutting-edge technology and minimalism. Containing a mind-boggling 1,000 trillion fine moisturising molecules, this moisturiser uses nano-tech to penetrate the skin, trigger its natural hydration production and create a barrier to seal in moisture. It also comes with a boost of natural peony and marjoram extracts to counter acne, inflammation and control oil production. Herbal extracts including pyrola calliantha work to smooth rough, uneven skin and the anti-oxidant EPC-K strengthens skin’s natural barrier.

Global brand: Individual service. How the Ipsa philosophy will transfer to an airport shopping environment remains to be seen but with the first counter promised early next year we look forward to finding out…

Clare Austin
written by: Clare Austin
With a background in fashion and beauty journalism for magazines such as Elle and Harper’s Bazaar Clare is a beauty enthusiast whose pulse quickens whenever a new product hits the shelves.