Beauty Look Even Your Grandmother Would Approve Of


Nobody knows the art of making the perfect Orecchiette pasta but an Italian grandmother. She doesn’t need a measuring cup, or a recipe book, or an Instagram video to tell her how much flour to use and how to roll the perfect pasta shapes. And dare you even try to argue with an old Italian lady on how to behave in the kitchen…

Just as important is food to the Italians, so is the fashion. Dolce & Gabbana don’t kid around with how their ‘Dolce woman’ is portrayed. Be it through her bejewelled crowns, Sicily-inspired floral dresses, or the perfect cat eye.

Inspired by Italian icon Sophia Loren, Dolce and Gabbana Beauty has released a new Emotioneyes collection, and a super fun campaign featuring Sylvester Stallone’s daughters. Yes, the same man who you might know as Rocky. Sistine Rose, 19, and Sophia Rose, 21, have landed themselves a stunning campaign with the Italian fashion house, where they take you on a tour through the old town of Bari.


This region in Puglia is known for its expressive community and intense food flavours. So obviously, this emotion is replicated in this travel-exclusive makeup range which helps women get that perfect cat eye and bold, natural-looking brows. That Italian dream look, if you may.

Not only is the collection worth your money at duty free, but the idyllic scenes from the campaign with grandmothers trying on the winged eyes and making pasta with the Stallone sisters will make you want to forget your no-carb Wednesday diet.

Sign us up, Dolce and Gabbana!

Shitika Anand
written by: Shitika Anand
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