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World’s Best Airport Coffee Shops


Truth be told, travelling is exhausting. Even if it’s just across the pond from Heathrow to Paris, the entire process of getting on a plane can be very painful. While we have told you about inflight skincare to follow and noise-cancellation gadgets to purchase, it’s time to talk about the important stuff: caffeinated beverage.

Layover times are too short for a mediocre cup of coffee, or for an overpriced cup of joe. Here’s our guide to the best airport coffee in the world.

Giraffe Stop at Heathrow Airport Terminal 3


A little bit of quirky and a whole lot hipster, this cafe is exclusive to Heathrow Terminal 3 arrivals. They serve cold-pressed juices, hot coffees and chicken tikka masala with roti. Yep, that wasn’t a typo. This cafe is owned by a local Pakistani family and they sure know how to make travellers feel just at home.


Caffe Pascucci at Seoul Incheon International Airport


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These guys have been making some of the best cappuccinos in Asia since 1883, so when you pay big Korean money for your cuppa here, assume that your tastebuds are in safe hands of a knowledgeable barista. Caffe Pascucci is more of a swanky bar than a cafe and it ticks all the right boxes for a jetsetter. Especially the skin who don’t want to slurp down ramen at 5am.


Guava and Java at Philadelphia International Airport


While major coffee chains have taken over most airports in the US, some local experts still give value to a traditional brew. Operated by local experts La Colombe, Guava and Java at Philadelphia International Airport is one of a kind. Their single-origin blends are the most-popular order; however if you’re feeling jittery before a flight, try their signature smoothies and juices made with kale, wheatgrass and kombucha.


Joe and the Juice at Copenhagen Airport T2


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One of the first, and still among the very best, airport locations from the boys from Copenhagen, who have since spread their wings around the world. J and the J is always buzzing at this airport, as at many others. The soundtrack for lunch hour is a live band, and come twilight hour, Frank Sinatra takes over their Bose system. If you want some seriously sexy coffee served by bearded hipster men, then head to Joe and the Juice.


agnès b. Cafe at Hong Kong International Airport


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Craving a traditional Vietnamese coffee? Head to agnès b. Cafe in Terminal 1 of Hong Kong International Airport. They have over 15 varieties of cakes available, all perfectly paired with your choice of black java. If you’re in for a long haul and don’t want to miss all the inflight entertainment, then most definitely get your caffeine hit here.

Shitika Anand
written by: Shitika Anand
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  • Duty Free Bird

    I strongly recommend Caffe Vita during your layover at SEATAC (Seattle airport). Delicious beverages.
    Icing on the cake, it is located right by Beecher’s, a wonderful nook with handmade cheese, sandwiches etc.
    Safe travels everyone!