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World-exclusive: Le Clos launches Karuizawa whisky collection at Dubai Airport

Le Clos launches exclusve Geisha Series collection_Press Release (1)

Japanese whisky has been in huge demand over recent years in the travel shopping channel. Now, fine wines and spirits retailer Le Clos has brought to market a world-exclusive US$300,000 collection of vintage Karuizawa, considered to be the world’s most sought-after Japanese whisky.

The stunning one-of-a-kind collection is showcased in a bespoke, Japanese-inspired display at the Le Clos store in Dubai Airport Concourse A.

The 27 bottles which make up the Geisha Series are the finest expressions of Karuizawa whisky, which have been aged for 29, 30, 31 and 50 years, and were bottled in the 70s, 80s and 1990. This is the first time in history that they have been sold as a full set.

What’s even more special about this collection is that Karuizawa in Japan stopped producing whisky in 2000, with the site subsequently adopting the name ‘silent distillery’.

Given its scarcity, Karuizawa continues to increase in value, making the Geisha Series a very exciting prospect for whisky enthusiasts and collectors across the world.

Before its closure, Karuizawa produced world-class malt whisky for around 50 years. It imported a special barley called Golden Promise from Scotland, and aged its whisky in Spanish sherry casks. The whiskies were famed for their floral scent and maturity, and were produced in small batches, making them highly sought-after products.

Karuizawa’s whiskies are said to be the closest to the Scottish malt style in Japan, but they still have their own distinctive character. The water used to make them was filtered through lava, and the distillery’s scorching hot summers and extremely cold winters resulted in a fascinating maturation profile.

This isn’t the first time Le Clos has presented airport shoppers with rare and unusual products. In December, it sold a collection of The Macallan Fine and Rare for a travel retail record-breaking US$500,000.


Helen Pawson
written by: Helen Pawson
Helen is Brands Editor at The Moodie Davitt Report. When she isn’t on a plane to attend the latest travel-related launches, she can be found (nervously) watching Leicester City FC or in search of the sun.