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First look: B&O PLAY launches new noise cancelling headphones Beoplay E4


We’ve all been there. Seat 22B besides a screaming toddler, or stuck behind a contender for World’s Loudest Snorer. The truth is, no matter how comfortable the extra-wide plane seat or how engrossing the in-flight entertainment is, there’s not an awful lot we can do about the noise pollution on flights. Even on trains which have designated quiet carriages, it’s hard to enforce the rule if someone decides they simply must shout “I’m on the train” down a phone.

So what to do?

Well, you could write a bitter blog post about it. Or you could invest in a decent pair of active noise cancelling in-ear headphones. For £229 at Dixons airport stores, you can get yourself the latest Beoplay E4 from B&O PLAY which launches today.

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Available in black, Beoplay E4 comes with a charging cable, flight adapter, four different silicone ear tips, one pair of Comply Memory Foam Ear Tips and a travel drawstring bag. It’s a stylish and understated piece of kit from the Danish audio brand, which makes it perfect for those who wouldn’t be seen dead wearing those big, on-ear headphones beloved by hipsters.

Tess Harold
written by: Tess Harold
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