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A foodie guide to airport shopping


When browsing through duty free, it’s hard to miss the over-sized sweets and chocolates from the world’s most familiar brands. But not all travel exclusive products are created equal.

My sister-in-law recently travelled back from Dubai Duty Free with three huge jars of Nutella. While there’s nothing wrong with a sweet hazelnut spread, it is available in most supermarkets and I couldn’t help but wonder if that valuable luggage space (and weight) could have been used more wisely…

Holidays should be a time to indulge in local culture and try new delicacies. So to help you make the most of your holiday calories (they don’t count, remember) we’ve picked some of the more unusual, local treats from global airports.


Al Nassma Luxury Camel Milk Chocolates

Yes, you read that right, these chocolates are made with camel milk, giving them a rich flavour and extra creamy texture. This wooden gift box contains 18 pieces of macadamia-honey nut cream filled camel-shaped pralines. Available from Abu Dhabi & Dubai Duty Free.


These are not just dates…Only carefully selected date varieties are used in a Bateel selection box, including: Barhi, Sokari, Khidri and the more familiar Medjool, to name just a few. Each is matched with the perfect filling, such as roasted nuts and candied ginger or coated in chocolate for the ultimate indulgence. Available from Abu Dhabi & Dubai Duty Free.


From baklava – layers of crispy, buttery pastry filled with chopped nuts and soaked in flavoured syrup or honey– to traditional cookies and biscuits, Almahdi produces a range of delectable classics. They come with a range of fillings including pistachio, cashew, peanut, pine nut, and almonds and they use ingredients to provide flavour, such as black cumin, butter milk, Medjool dates, sesame, honey, walnuts, cinnamon and spices .


Leonidas Handmade Chocolates:

The White Chocolate Manon Café has a rich history to match its flavour. White chocolate enrobes coffee butter cream on a smooth praline base, finished with a whole hazelnut.

Godiva Truffes Délices

These luxury truffles include a range of exquisite flavours: orange blossom infused almond mousse with milk chocolate, blood orange and grapefruit mousse in a dark chocolate shell, black tea and ginger with caramelised cocoa nibs, Robusta coffee mousse with Godiva’s blond chocolate and raspberry with rose and dark chocolate. Luckily these decadent chocolates are widely available from global duty free stores.



These loukoumi  or Greek Delights (top) by Orino are the ultimate sweet treat. Available in separate flavours,or in a mixed box of seven different varities, including, rose, lemon, pistachio and almond

Altis Extra Virgin Olive Oil (centre) is made using only specific varieties of olives, in order to produce a fresh, fruity flavour and heady aroma. The rich dark green of the bottle reflects the deep colour of the product, as well as protecting it from the damage of sunlight.

Lelia Greek Natural Olives (left) are of the black, Kalamon variety and packed with a few olive leaves to best preserve their aroma, flavours and nutrients.

Tsoureki (bottom) is to Greece as brioche is to France or as teacake is to Britain. Made using plenty of butter and local flours, plain and seeded loaves are available, along with traditional mahleb, mastic and cardamom flavours.

Mastiha biscuits (top) are traditional, crunchy treats made using extra virgin olive oil and semolina and typically flavoured with almond or orange. But do look out for modern interpretations, such as mandarin with white chocolate. All of these Greek goodies are available from Hellenic Duty Free.


There is perhaps nothing more quintessentially British than a good cup of rosie lee (tea). Founded in 1707, Fortnum and Mason have been suppliers of fine food and drink; the range of teas they sell is astonishing. But this delicious Afternoon Blend is exclusive to travel shoppers at World Duty Free. Blended from tea grown in both the high and low regions of Ceylon, the Afternoon Blend has a refreshing flavour, making it perfect served hot with a splash of milk and a scone, or chilled and served as ice tea.

Speaking of scones, no afternoon tea is complete without a good dollop of clotted cream and jam. Whilst strawberry is traditional, this exclusive gift set available from World Duty Free contains some tasty alternatives. English Apricot and Rhubarb with Vanilla conserves along with traditional Orange Marmalade will enhance any baked treat.

Whilst usually associated with Christmas, a good piece of fruitcake can be enjoyed anytime of the year. These luxury puddings from Cole’s are made with crunchy walnuts, sweet glace cherries and sultanas, raisins and currants soaked in brandy and sherry for that cheeky boozy hit. Pick one up from World Duty Free for a slice of British tradition.



Native to Australia, macadamias are favoured for their crunchy, yet rich texture and delicate flavour. Coat them in delicious dark chocolate and present them in a watercolour kangaroo gift box and you have the ideal souvenir for a foodie friend or relative (or yourself).

Australian By Nature Fresh Cut Honeycomb is made by bees who feed from the native trees and plants of Eastern Australia, giving it a wonderful, floral flavour. A treat to satisfy the sweetest of teeth.  

This Next 88km biscuit tin is exclusive to travellers. Inspired by the familiar kanga warning signs of Australia, it contains locally made, shortbread cookies. Pick up these Australian treats from JR Duty Free.


Everrich Duty Free stocks these curious San Tai Zi peanuts, which are beef noodle flavoured. A bag of these will take you back to Taiwan.

Despite the name, the Taipei Sweet range  includes a selection of sweet and savoury snacks, such as sweet potato crispy fries, vegetable crisps and taro fries. But the must-have item of the moment is their pineapple brownie–  fluffy pineapple sponge with a tangy pineapple filling, on top of an indulgent brownie base. Also available from Everrich Duty Free.

The Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Café at Changi Singapore will be selling traditional mooncakes, with a Hello Kitty twist between 17 August and 4 October 2017. The buns are filled with creamy white lotus paste and melon seeds and decorated with Hello Kitty embossing. Whilst the mooncakes won’t last long, they come in a pretty gold tin with oriental floral design for you to keep afterwards.

Zoë Pincombe
written by: Zoë Pincombe
Just out of university, Zoë comes from South West England. Enthusiastic about all things food and wine related, she enjoys travelling and experiencing new cultures.
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