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Can’t get enough of Hello Kitty? Here are 6 kawaii products you can buy on your travels


Urban legends abound when it comes to the origins of this mute cartoon cat, but one thing that’s certain is Hello Kitty’s global appeal. The popular Sanrio character has adorned everything from an airport waiting lounge to an entire plane.

So in homage to everybody’s favourite feline, here are six Hello Kitty products that you can buy from duty free stores or in-flight shopping. Purrfect.

Paperchase Hello Kitty Face Pencil Case

September’s just around the corner, and with it that “back to school” feeling. Even if you’re way, way past school age, there’s nothing to say you can’t jazz up your desk with a shiny new pencil case. Plus, there’s no chance of losing your pens in this eye-catching pouch, so you won’t need to keep borrowing pens for your meeting.

Flik Flak Hello Kitty Butterfly Watch available at World Duty Free

OK, this one is unapologetically just for the kids. If you’re expecting a long layover or there are delays on your journey, why not make a game of it and teach them to read the time with this hot pink analogue watch? You never know, the kids might actually help you make it to your gate on time.

Hello Kitty Mahjong Set exclusive to Ever Rich Duty Free

On the subject of self-improvement, why not challenge yourself to learn mahjong? This adorably kitsch set is only available at Ever Rich Duty Free in Taiwan, where they play a different variation of the game. So if you’re looking for an alternative to poker, just grab a few friends, set up the mahjong tiles, and away you go.

Hello Kitty Mooncakes are exclusive to Hello Kitty Orchid Garden at Singapore Changi Airport from 17 August – 4 October 2017

These look so delicious that we’re almost tempted to board a flight to Singapore RIGHT NOW. The buns are filled with creamy white lotus paste and come in a keepsake gold tin with a floral design.

Hello Kitty Sports Bow Visor Pink available at King Power in Thailand

While they might frown upon such frivolities at the fancier tennis clubs, we at PretAirporter are all for novelty visors. If it means you’re out and about, having fun in the sun, frankly who cares if you want to wear something a little daft?

Exclusive Limited Edition Hello Kitty toys for Cathay Pacific

If you’re flying Cathay Pacific, then here’s your chance to pick up a souvenir that no one else will be able to get their paws on. We think the little mahjong kitty would make a particularly fitting mascot for that tournament you’ve no doubt set up by now…

Tess Harold
written by: Tess Harold
Born in Hong Kong, Tess currently lives in London where she is Editor at PretAirporter. Over the course of her career, she has worked for the likes of Stylist, The Telegraph, Prestige Hong Kong, Asia Spa and Harper’s Bazaar UK.